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Are you confused about life insurance?

Out of all the insurance policies, life insurance is the most misunderstood one. This is due to its inaccurate portrayal in media. We often see depictions of people trying to murder others or fake their own deaths to get life insurance. Thus, a lot of misconceptions and myths have arisen about life insurance.

Here are the most common of those myths and why they are wrong.

The Young Dont Need Life Insurance

Out of all the misconceptions, this one does make some sense. Not many of us expect death to visit during the prime of our lives when we are young and healthy which is why we don’t really think about getting life insurance. This is wrong because you can actually advantage by getting life insurance at a young age. You will get lower premiums and rates due to your age. It is all the more important if you have dependants or financial obligations. No one can predict when the sands of time might come to an end.

Employer Insurance Is Enough

This is also a misconception, particularly among young working individuals. They have not had the life experience to see how much costs can actually add up. In most cases, except for executive positions, your employer life insurance won’t be a lot. At most, it is twice of thrice your salary. That is probably not even enough to cover your funeral expenses.

You should ideally have a life insurance scheme which is at the least 10 times or more your base salary.

Life Insurance is Expensive

This is a misconception born from images of generous payouts making dependents millionaires. If you have been hesitating on getting life insurance due to expenses then go get it now. Life insurance schemes can be tailored in a variety of ways for your ability to pay. Having some life insurance is always better than no life insurance.

You can start with a smaller policy which has affordable premiums and then scale up with time. That will provide you an insurance history which will be beneficial. It is preferable to the alternative of going for life insurance at a later stage in life.

The Unhealthy Can’t Get Life Insurance

This is a very popular and unfortunate misconception. Because of this, many people lose out on insurance they could otherwise have gotten for themselves. In most cases, a majority of people with diseases or health issues can still get life insurance. Disease and health issues are a common reality. Insurance businesses would go under if they didn’t cater to these individuals.

You will be charged higher premiums or be subject to additional conditions. Ultimately, you will likely find a provider

One Insurance Policy Is Sufficient

This is another common myth. While it makes some sense to not have multiple policies for young children, at the least the couple should. Your spouses have important roles to play in the household and their deaths can add to a lot of expenses. Housekeeping, cooking, and babysitting can be very expensive after the death of a spouse. Life insurance can help to offset these new costs.


You may have likely heard some, most, or all of these myths at some time. What matters is that that is all they are—myths and misconceptions. Sign up for life insurance today by contacting your nearest agent. An early start may not save your life, but will surely save the lives of your loved ones.

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“Best Best Insurance Company in Hayward, CA”

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Hayward CA – Busting Life Insurance Myths and Misconceptions | Insurance Service