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April 12, 2022

Fremont CA – We Specialize in Repair / Servicing for Ford Edge & Mustang Owners

Posted in: Industry News

If you own a Ford Edge or Mustang, you love it more than anything (aside from your family). It gets you places and it’s fun to ride in. However, you might want to take special care of it if you love it so much.

It’s no secret that a mechanic that is certified to repair your vehicle if the need arises. Also, there’s the annual task of getting it inspected. You want to make sure your vehicle is good to go every single time.

Your Ford Edge/Mustang Keeps You Running

This is stating the obvious. Without your vehicle, you might not get anywhere. Unless of course you take an Uber or Lyft.

Or you could be an Uber or Lyft driver yourself and not only you don’t go anywhere, but anyone that needs a ride. Regardless, getting your vehicle repaired is important. Especially when you hear strange noises from the engine or brakes.

What if your AC isn’t working and it’s a hot day outside? Not good considering you may be in the vehicle for a lengthy period of time. If nothing is functioning properly, you want to get into Fremont Foreign Auto as soon as you can.

At the first sign of a problem, it’s best to get it into a mechanic right away before it becomes worse. Ignoring it will not only cause further damage, but it will cost you more in terms of the repair bill.

The good news is with an annual inspection, you can be able to catch these problems before they become worse. However, they can happen any time between your last inspection and the next. So it would be wise to pay attention in case you hear or notice something out of the ordinary with your vehicle.

What Are Some Common Issues To Watch For?

There could be a wide variety of issues that may warrant a visit to your mechanic. This includes the following:

  • Unusual noise from engine, brakes, etc.: Grinding on your brakes? Clunking noise inside your engine? Those noises aren’t normal. If you hear anything like that, get it into a repair shop immediately.
  • Check engine light flashes or stays on: The check engine light will kick on if there is an issue with your vehicle. It can range from a simple issue that can be fixed by yourself to something more serious. Using a diagnostic tool will help determine the problem along with your next course of action.
  • If your AC is not working: If no cold air is blowing out of your AC, that’s a problem you won’t be able to fix yourself. A mechanic will get the job done fairly quickly.

Get Your Ford Edge Or Mustang To Fremont Foreign Auto For Repairs

If you own a Ford Edge or Mustang and are dealing with an issue, you have a repair service in Fremont, CA that can help. Fremont Foreign Auto will be the best place to get it fixed. You can also visit them for an oil change, break repair and replacement, and so much more.

To get your Ford Edge or Mustang repaired, call Fremont Foreign Auto at 510-793-6067 to set up an appointment.

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