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Charlotte, NC – Biohazard Cleanup Services Offered at Home Restoration Company

Biohazard Cleanup

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The scene of a crime or traumatic event exposes the property to biohazards and health risks. Any trace of blood or biohazard should only be removed by professionals as they would have the appropriate training and equipment to do so.

Biohazards aren’t just harmful to humans but pets and plants too. Biohazards could include any bodily fluids, blood, human or animal waste, microbiological waste, and more. Some of the more common biohazards are:

–      Blood

–      Bodily Fluids

–      Animal or human waste

–      Human tissue

–      Saliva

–      Vomit

Managing Biohazards

It is recommended to allow the professionals to handle this and not touch any biohazardous material if you do not have the required training or equipment. If for any reason, you need to touch biohazardous material or have done so by mistake, you need to take the following into account:

  1. Do not touch it without gloves or protective gear. Under no circumstances should the biohazardous material touch your bare skin.
  2. Any sharp items like needles, syringes, etc. should be placed in hard containers to avoid an injury by accident.
  3. If your bare hands come in contact with a biohazardous substance, wash and disinfect your hands immediately.
  4. Once you are done handling the biohazardous material, seal your protective gear in a plastic bag.

Importance of Professional Disinfection

Biohazardous material could cause viruses like hepatitis and bacteria like MSRA to be transmitted. Due to these reasons, it is recommended to allow professionals to clean up while wearing appropriate protective gear and equipment and following the correct protocol. You need to ensure you have minimal exposure with regards to the affected space.

If the disinfection is not catered to professionally, it could cause outbreaks and the property could even be damaged structurally in the future. Simply cleaning the space with a wet cloth and soap won’t disinfect the area. Instead, it will suppress the bacteria and even transfer them to another material or surface. With the naked eye, you might even miss entire sections of fluid. This will eventually cause an odor within the room and may very well assist with the growth and spread of bacteria.

In biohazard remediation, blood, fluids, and any pathogens are removed, cleaned, and disinfected. This could be after a death, an accident, or even a disease outbreak like COVID-19. Along with training and equipment, biohazard remediation also requires certification and licensing to ensure the job is done right.

The Remediation Process

There are steps to follow in the remediation process to ensure the process is effective and safe for the client:

–      Assess

The professional service would arrive at the location and assess the damage on the scene.

–      Control

According to protocol, the contaminated space would then be secured and separated from the rest of the property to avoid cross-contamination.

–      Removal

The most dangerous step of the process is the removal of any traces of blood and pathological material. While doing this, the service will ensure it is completely removed and done with the help of safety equipment.

–      Disinfect and Deodorize

After the traces are removed, the space is cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized with strong disinfectants.

Contact STOP Restoration of Fort Mill for Biohazard Cleanup Services

If you are in search of biohazard clean-up and remediation services in Charlotte, NC, call STOP Restoration of Fort Mill right away for dependable and experienced professionals.


“Best Home Restoration Company in Fort Mill, SC”

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“Best Home Restoration Company in Fort Mill, SC”

Top Rated Local Home Restoration / Water Damage Repair Company

York County: Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Lancaster, Charlotte, Pineville, SC


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