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by: Peter LeBlanc

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Fort Myers, FL – Helping Your Pavers Weather Our Weather With The Right Sealant

HELPING YOUR PAVERS WEATHER OUR WEATHER WITH THE RIGHT SEALANTSummertime, and the living’s easy. . . well, perhaps not if you are a paver stone here in Southwest Florida. Our summer weather here is harsh! The sun beats down unrelentingly until around 4 p.m. and then the rain pounds down for about an hour. Our tropical plants love it, but our pavers really don’t.

Pavers are pretty durable, but are you aware of how much weather affects the look and stability of your pavers? Weather’s a strong force to battle, and with time, constant exposure to the elements does wear down your paver surface. Let’s talk about some of the issues weather causes for an unsealed paver.

Erosion and Corrosion
Erosion is the type of weathering where the paver material is broken down due to wind and water. Even though your pavers are made of hard stone or concrete, rain elements still break it down. One of the reasons for this is due to pollution, which makes our rain acidic enough to cause your pavers to erode or corrode just like lemon juice or white vinegar would.

All pavers are also prone to corrosion, which is slightly different from erosion. Corrosion happens when there is metal nearby, and it’s another process that naturally eats away at the paver surface. Water is corrosive to metal and pavers as it oxidizes metal (which is seen when it rusts). Paver stones can naturally have metal elements within them, which rusts with the weather.

UV Rays
We are not called the Sunshine State for nothing, and the sun here in the summertime is brutal. Most of us know to wear good sun protection when we are outside during the day. But if your pavers have no sealant on them, they have no sunscreen to protect them. If the sun can bleach out stains when clothes are put out on the line, what do you think it is doing to your pavers? UV degradation causes many materials to break down from extended exposure to the sun. While the concrete pavers themselves are highly durable, the colored pigments in the pavers can slowly fade over time, due to the UV ray exposure.

Pounding rain
Florida must be the place where they coined the term, “When it rains it pours.” We’ve all had the occasion when we had to pull over to the side of the road due to rain pouring down so hard we can’t see through the windshield even with the wipers on high. That pounding rain also pours down on your pavers, chipping away at the naturally porous materials they are made from. Wet, unsealed pavers are prone to mold and mildew, which not only looks unsightly, but is also dangerous to walk on and can cause slip and falls.

Sealing Solution
Having us seal your pavers will help them to become weather-resistant, erosion-resistant and mold resistant. When we seal the pavers, we are creating a weather-resistant layer that will work hard to reduce water damage and sun damage. It will result in a paver surface which offers higher levels of stability without ruining the beauty of the paver’s color. Here are a few other reasons to have us seal your pavers:

  • Sealing reduces the loss of sand in your joints as well, which reduces weed growth in the cracks between your pavers.
  • Sealing helps to prevent cracks in your pavers.
  • Sealing helps prevent your pavers from absorbing liquids that could stain them over time.
  • Sealing helps preserve the paver colors and maintains a consistent appearance of the pavers.

We, at Under Pressure, go the extra mile when it comes to sealing paver surfaces. We feel that applying a high-quality product on your paver hardscape is necessary to provide the gorgeous finished product our clients demand. We are proud to offer the Seal ‘n Lock Super Wet sealant, which is a water-based urethane modified acrylic sealer that penetrates the pavers and provides a protective barrier, wet looking surface and excellent joint stabilization. This system is also the first “all-in-one-day” process that eliminates the cloudy white look pavers can get from the trapped moisture other sealers cause.

This product is also consistent with our dedication to being responsible with the environment. Our product is not harmful to any vegetation, and does not produce any toxic odor. The sealing of paver driveways with this system not only protects the brick pavers, but it also ensures structural performance while inhibiting insect and weed infestation. Under Pressure’s use of this system definitely provides the highest quality product with the best application process. That’s why our employees at Under Pressure go through training once a year with the Seal n Lock company.

Your paver driveway can last you more than 30 years, but only if you take great care of it! By letting Under Pressure deep clean and seal your paver driveway every two years, your driveway will better resist dirt and oil, keep weeds from growing and prevent cracks from forming, providing your home with a gorgeous looking driveway, pathways and lanai area! Give us a call at UnderPressure at 239-218-5085! 

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Under Pressure Cleaning and Sealing Services is the most trusted and established pressure washing company in Southwest Florida and we offer both residential pressure washing and commercial pressure washing services. We have built our reputation on our exceptional quality of work and customer service. We are a family owned and operated company that prides itself on our commitment to our customers. Our Services include: (click for more info)


“Best Power Washer in Estero, FL”

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Lee County: Estero, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Naples, FL


“Best Power Washer in Estero, FL”

Top Rated Local Power / Pressure Washing Company / Services

Lee County: Estero, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Naples, FL


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