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by: Peter Abene

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Edison, NJ – Call the Best Local Mold Removal Company for Professional Services

Mold Removal

Did you know that mold growth can increase your chances of developing a lung infection? In this article, well see why you need to call the best mold removal company for professional services!

Mold growth usually occurs in poorly ventilated, damp, and dark areas such as basements, garages, and attics. Inhalation of mold fragments or spores can cause inflammation in your breathing passage, resulting in coughing, wheezing, throat irritation, chest tightness, and nasal congestion.

Additionally, allergic reactions to mold growth aren’t seasonal and can happen at any time of the year. Continue reading to find out the dangers of mold growth and why you need to call STOP for professional mold removal services.

Invisible, Silent, and Extremely Dangerous

Mold grows in areas such as drywall, basements, cabinets, crawl spaces, and areas where water damage has taken place. Bathrooms and kitchens can also serve as a breeding ground for mold spores due to lack of proper ventilation and water use.

Nevertheless, some of the most dangerous kinds of mold are invisible, airborne, and usually go undetected. Since mold is a type of toxin, excessive exposure to it can impair memory, impulse control, and the problem-solving function of the brain.

Who is Most Impacted by Mold?

Elderly people and young children, particularly those who have weakened immunity or are already suffering from a respiratory condition are usually more impacted by mold growth than young, healthy adults.

Physical signs of exposure to mold can include red, itchy eyes to breathing problems, and asthma. For certain individuals, the impact can be more severe leading to nausea, fatigue, and sinus infections. Also, when a young child’s immune system, which has still not developed, gets exposed to mold, their body can start reacting unnaturally, resulting in developmental issues.

Tips to Prevent Mold Growth

Thankfully, there are some things you can do to prevent mold growth and keep yourself safe from its dangerous consequences:

  • Immediately dry up wet spots
  • Ensure adequate ventilation to prevent moisture
  • Make use of mold-resistant items such as mold-resistant paint and drywall.
  • Clean and repair roof gutters
  • Channel water away from your property
  • Use a dehumidifier to keep humidity levels in check.

How to Remove Mold?

Despite your best efforts, mold can still create a foothold in your home. In such cases, the best way to go is to hire the best local mold removal company. At STOP, we offer expert mold removal services which include identifying areas of mold growth, controlling its spread, and limiting its growth at the source.

To remove mold from your property, our team will take the following steps:

  • Containment of the impacted area to prevent any cross-contamination
  • Elimination of water or moisture growth that causes mold growth
  • Removal of visible mold and impacted objects.

The professionals from our team will wear personal protective gear throughout the process and monitor airflow to make sure that mold spores don’t spread to other sections of your building or property.

To contact our professional mold removal team, dial (732) 812-4236 or visit our website here!


“Best Home Restoration Company in Edison, NJ”

Top Rated Local Restoration / Water Damage Repair Company

Middlesex County: Edison, Trenton, Princeton, East Brunswick, New Brunswick, NJ


“Best Home Restoration Company in Edison, NJ”

Top Rated Local Restoration / Water Damage Repair Company

Middlesex County: Edison, Trenton, Princeton, East Brunswick, New Brunswick, NJ




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