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April 12, 2021

Chester County, PA – 6 Sign Types Every Business Should Consider Before Opening

Posted in: Industry News

When planning for your new business, the list of tasks can seem overwhelming. Between business plans, budgets, facilities, and  staffing, the list goes on and on. Amongst these crucial initial undertakings comes the challenge of establishing an identity for your brand. In past blogs we have discussed at length the branding process, logo creation, the importance of cohesive branding and so much more.

In addition to the logo and branding concepts there are physical visuals for the business that need to be considered early on in the new business planning phase in order to insure that they are completed in time for your opening. A few of these are:

Branded ADA bathroom signage for a local business.

Facility interior signage: You need to think about interior signage for way finding, compliance, as well as informational content to help your visitors navigate through the facility. Informing your visitors on what to expect, how to navigate the facility as well as providing important signage for visitors with disabilities in order to meet ADA compliance regulations are all essential to any business prior to opening.

Directory-style monument sign for business park.

Monument signs: Monument signs are one of the best means to let you visitor/client know they have reached their destination. Additionally, they are large enough to provide visibility from a distance to passing traffic. These signs are working for you 24/7.

Building signs: Whether it is a channel letter sign, illuminated sign cabinet or dimensional letters, these signs are critical to mark your business. Particularly in a location where many businesses reside including business parks, this type of sign really identifies your business making it easier to find as well as informing others that you are here.

Channel letter sign mounted on a raceway for local dentist office.

Way finding signs: If your business is located in either a remote area or a large complex, way finding signs are great to help guide your customer to your location. Additionally marking dedicated parking spots, reserved spaces and handicap parking is usually appreciated and shows you are considering the convenience of your customer.

Partial vehicle wrap for local fabrication company showcasing jobs they have completed on their vehicles.

Vehicle graphics: Company vehicles can be better utilized if you use then as your advertisement fleet. Vehicle graphics are one of the least expensive means of advertising from a cost per impression perspective. This means of advertising really improves ROI on your fleet investment.

Temporary Signs: When planning for your grand opening, temporary signs are a must to create that initial awareness of your new business. Banners, yard signs, window clings and feather flags are budget friendly options to help you stand out during your grand opening as well as advertising promotional events and specials on products or services that you provide.

Banners for local restaurant to promote food options during early moths of the pandemic.

If you are planning for your new business, give the experts a call at Paramount Signs to discuss your signage needs. We are always excited to help new business with their signage needs.

Remember, “getting you noticed is Paramount”

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