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March 12, 2021

Downingtown, PA – Get your Business Noticed On a Budget with Temporary Signs!

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Banner mounted on side of building showcasing achievements!

Temporary signs are one of the highest volume sign categories used today. Their flexibility, affordable cost and quick turnaround make these the go to for most businesses. With many options in regards to materials and sizes as well as mounting systems available, there is a sign option for everyone! From promoting an event to advertising your business and its achievements, the plethora of banner options allows for a budget friendly sign solution for everyone!

Banner stud mounted to building as a temporary sign for this seasonal business.

You will find banners as one of the most versatile options available. Custom and produced in house, banners come in any size requested! Banner materials vary allowing for many applications. For traditional hanging banners, the basic 13oz. scrim material dominates. This low cost, durable fabric allows for temporary signage on a budget. Heavier materials accommodate larger banners as well as double sided banners. Additionally, mesh banner materials that allows the wind to pass through the sign eliminating much of the “sail” effect you get with solid materials. Wind slits also provide the same effect for large banners. The scalloped shapes cut into the banner help release the air but are prone to tearing.

Double sided banner mounted on a frame to advertise for a local business.

When it comes time to mount your banner, the multitude of options allows for banners to work for any business. A common options is wall mounting banners with fasteners installed through the banner grommets into the substrate or wall. Another popular option for quick and temporary mounting includes using wire ties and mounting your banner onto a post or chain link fence. In the past 2 years new options have emerged including mounting banners into custom frames. These frames are easy to assemble and install in field type conditions where no permanent fixtures are present. Additionally, these portable frames are installed with minimal tools.

Special occasion banner mounted on a deck with zip ties.

As far as design and graphic content is concerned, banners are just as if not more category accommodating as any other sign. Our experienced design staff can produce a vivid and eye catching image that will surely get you noticed. Also don’t forget, we can produce double sided banners for that roadside location that has (2) way traffic. We pride ourselves in only using premium materials guaranteeing that the image on the opposite side of your banner will not show through when the sun blasts the sign face. Cheap banners found online do not use opaque materials which allows the image from the other side show through distorting the message on your sign.

Many municipalities require permits for temporary signage. Not to worry. Paramount Signs will handle your permitting submission to make sure you are compliant with local codes. Additionally, this will assure you that the municipality will not pull your banner from its location and destroy the sign.

So if you need a banner sign for your business, give Paramount Signs a call for a free consultation.

We believe that “getting you noticed is Paramount!”

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