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November 20, 2020

West Chester, PA – What you Need to Know About Branding with Outdoor Signs

Posted in: Industry News

Custom Carved Building Sign Mounted on Pins to Exterior Wall for a Chiropractor.

Signs are everywhere, but they are often something that is overlooked. In the same way we don’t have to think about the color of the sky, a well established brand with quality signage will be easily recognizable to consumers to the point where they don’t realize it. Every day we are inundated with signage, from street and traffic signs to business signs to vehicle wraps and graphics. With such an oversaturated market people overlook the necessity of a sign. A good signage package is more than just important to a business’s success, they are expected by consumers.

Monument Way Finding Sign for a local business.

While interior branding is essential, you have to get consumers through the doors first. Creating a high quality exterior sign package is PARAMOUNT!

There are so many types of outdoor signs, we can’t cover all of them in this article but we can discuss the basics. The type of outdoor sign you may need depends on what your goals are. Is this a temporary or short term application? Do you need the sign to illuminate for nighttime visibility? Do you need a multi tenant sign or a single business sign? Are they for way finding in an illuminated or non-illuminated area? The list goes on and on as it relates to the purpose of the sign.

Some of the basic sign types and applications can be:

Custom Single-Sided, Digitally Printed Banner with Hems and Grommets for a Local Restaurant.

Temporary signs are a cost effective and short term signage solution. They are typically used to notify of special events, real estate offerings, short term way finding and the like. These signs are usually produced with materials that don’t have the long term durability as permanent signs to keep the costs down. You will most often find these produced from corrugated plastic, foam board materials or banner materials with a digitally printed or contour cut intermediate vinyl’s applied to the surface.

Branded Single Post Way Finding/ Parking Sign in an Apartment Community.

Way finding signs are used to help individuals navigate your facility. They come in various configurations and materials, a common option being an 18″ x 24″ aluminum panel on a U-Channel post. They are use to display a single message such as “One Way” or “Reserved Parking”. These can be produced with a standard high performance printed or contour cut vinyl’s as well as reflective vinyl’s so they can be visible at night when a light is projected toward the sign such as headlights. Way finding signage can also extend into monument signs and larger more permanent sign types and shapes.

Parking and Way finding Identification Sign for Local Spa.

Identification signs are typically single business identification signs. There are many variations of this type of sign. It can be anything from a designated parking spot to an office door identification or an exterior window graphic identifying the store. They serve to let customers and the public know they are in the right place.

Custom Post and Panel Sign for a Local Real Estate Company.

Post and Panel signs consist of two posts and a single sign panel in between them. Typical Post and Panels tend to be economically designed with simple wood, vinyl or metal posts and a clean sign face with little shaping. Usually Post and Panel signs are basic level signs with vinyl graphics applied to the sign faces. However, custom Post and Panel signs can be upgraded with additional options like custom trim and crown molding or custom panel shapes. These signs are great for building identification, parking lot directional signage, and foot traffic way finding.

Custom Asymmetrical Monument Sign for a Business Plaza.

Monument signs offer an almost sculptural element to traditional business signage. This type of sign is typically under 12 feet tall. And since they are meant to have a grand appearance, many businesses will design their monument signs to imitate the architectural elements of their building. Monument signs can be created using a mixture of textures and materials. Depending on your branding and the style and aesthetic of the local community, you may want to mix traditional elements such as bricks and stone with industrial finishes such as metal. Monument signs can also include lighting to make it easy to find your business at night. Since monument signs are lower profile, they are usually installed near the entrance of the business. This way the sign is closer to eye level for motorists traveling at lower speeds.

Custom Pylon Sign for Local Outlets.

Pylon signs and monument signs are both types of freestanding signs, but what is the difference between the two? This is a common question and while the two sign types are actually more similar than they are different, it is important to learn the differences. Knowing the difference will help eliminate any confusion when going through the process of purchasing a sign and result in a more positive experience for you.

The first difference is the height of the signs. Pylon signs are typically taller, more vertical structures, where monument signs are shorter and stockier. City codes often state that in order for it to be categorized as a pylon sign, it must be at least 20 feet tall. The difference here is that monument signs are generally under 12′ feet tall.

Illuminated Exterior Sign Cabinet with Digitally Printed Graphics.

The second difference is visibility. Pylon signs are designed and placed so they can be seen from a distance. They are often installed along busy roads and highways in order to reach a larger audience driving by at higher speeds.

While this article covers the basics of outdoor signs, it is only a drop in the bucket when it comes to the types, uses, and components that fill this sign category. We understand that the process can be overwhelming and that there is a lot to know. We are here to help. If you are considering any type of exterior signage, give us a call for a free consultation. Our sign experts are eager to discuss upcoming projects and help you get noticed. After all, getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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