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November 16, 2020

West Chester, PA – FAQ: Types, Uses and Applications of Custom Sneeze Guards

Posted in: Industry News

Free Standing Sneeze Guard with metallic end caps and feet.

As the COVID Pandemic continues to take its toll on our businesses, we have learned quite a bit about the transfer of not only COVID 19 but germ transmission in general. It appears the safety and prevention practices will not only stay in place to try and control the Corona virus, but it may be a mainstay as general practice to protect your employees and customers. Sneeze guards are being used to prevent the spread of germs at checkout registers, within restaurants, and in other critical areas by acting as a physical barrier to stop germs. Sneeze guards are durable, lightweight, and more impact resistant than glass while retaining similar optical qualities. These sheets can be easily sanitized using non-abrasive cleaners.

Free Standing, Engraved and Custom Cut Sneeze Guard on Feet.

With the growing Corona virus pandemic, businesses around the world are doing everything they can to protect themselves and their customers to reduce the spread of the infectious virus. As we move into the flu season we are seeing increased infections as predicted because people are spending more time indoors because of the change in weather. This creates a condition of close proximity and longer duration exposure to a potential carrier.

To prevent the spread of the virus and to ensure that we can keep our businesses and the economy open, sneezeguards are a great way to ensure that your employees, customers and community stay safe. Together we can slow this spread!

Custom Counter Mount Sneeze Guard on standoffs prior to install.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Types, Uses and Applications of Sneeze Guards

  1. What is a Sneeze Guard?

A Sneeze Guard is a durable, lightweight acrylic panel that is placed as a physical barrier between employees and customers as a way to prevent droplets from contaminating surfaces and infecting other people. With the prevalence of asymptomatic carriers, these are especially important for any location that comes in contact with the public.

  1. Where are Sneeze Guards used?

Sneeze Guards are used anywhere that has high traffic. From shopping centers, banks, retail businesses or restaurants. They are common around cash registers as that is a place that it is difficult to retain a 6ft distance.

  1. What kinds of Sneeze Guards are available?

There are many kinds of sneeze guard available. With many mounting system options available, the applications of sneeze guards is customizable to any surface and setting. Traditional sneeze guards are a clear acrylic panel that appears much like glass but is much more durable. The panels can be custom cut to fit your exact needs or you can select a standard design.

  1. How are Sneeze Guards mounted?

There are many popular mounting applications for sneeze guards. Free standing Sneeze Guards are popular because they are portable, customizable and sturdy. An acrylic panel is fastened into a series of feet allowing it to be free standing. These panels can be custom cut to a specific size and shape with or without a slot for credit card transactions. Tri-fold Sneeze Guards allow for 3 panels to angle to fit within a specific space. These free standing guards have a fastener between the panels allowing them to change angles. Face-mount Sneeze Guards are popular as a more permanent structure. The custom cut acrylic panel is secured to the face of a table/desk/counter allowing for a permanent and secure fixture. Cable-hung Sneeze Guards are popular when there is not a surface to mount the sneeze guard to. The hanging method retains a physical barrier while also allowing for a flow within the space. The custom cut acrylic is hung on cables at the desired height. Custom mounting solutions can be discussed to fit your business and needs.

Custom Free Standing Sneeze Guard at Cash Register.

While there is potential for this to be a long and challenging winter, we remain committed to providing you with the essential safety supplies and tools to help you maintain a sterile environment for everyone who enters your business.

Paramount Signs is here to support your business in meeting the safety requirements you need to help minimize the risk to your employees and customers. We have standard model sneeze guards available as well as custom designs to your specific needs. Call us for a free consultation.

We believe that getting you noticed (and keeping our community safe) is PARAMOUNT!

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