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June 22, 2018

Frazer, PA – New Custom Monument Sign to Rebrand Company with New Logo Design

Posted in: Industry News

Updating logos as part of your business rebranding process has a broad reaching effect.  The logo development process  involves a lot of planning, and making the right decisions for the direction your business is taking. This process can seem overwhelming at times but you don’t have to go at it alone. By seeking the advice and guidance of a professional sign, branding, and marketing company, your rebranding experience can be a breeze. We would love to help your organization through the process with a free consultation to assess the right path for the execution and roll out of your branding goals!

Original sign to be replaced

Recently, J & L Building  Materials had undergone a refresh of their logo and was looking to update their existing pole sign.  The existing sign had past it’s useful life so we had taken the approach to update to a more modern design that fits their logo as well as the buildings on site. The project was completed with the installation of this 13 foot tall sign.

This project required several design iterations working closely with the leadership team at J & L to insure they have a sign they can be proud of.  The sign is fabricated using the best materials and construction techniques available today.  The exterior was finished with an epoxy paint that will provide a vibrant durable finish for years to come.  High performance vinyl on acrylic panels are illuminated with long lasting and efficient LED modules.  Our team strives to provide the complete sign package within the time constraints required.


In the image above you can see the existing sign which provided many years of effective use but as you can see has now passed it’s useful life and not presenting the image that J & L Building Materials wanted  The finished product below certainly gets noticed now and with the new LED illuminated panels is a beacon at night that cannot be missed.

New updated sign

Paramount signs is a full-service sign and graphic company that is eager to help in the  development of custom tools for marketing, wayfinding, decorative, and regulatory needs. We utilize only the highest standards of components in the fabrication of our products, and offer the services needed to keep your investment in prime condition.

Feel free to reach out to our team today, and schedule a free consultation. We will assess the specific details needed to develop a cohesive and productive sign or graphic package for your business. We look forward to working with you!

Do you have any questions regarding this particular type of sign?

Would you like to hear how a rebranding can benefit your business specifically? Contact our professionals today, and we will work with you to develop your next custom sign solution!

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