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Chula Vista, CA

by: Don Pearson


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Chula Vista, CA – Custom Made Storefront Window Graphics and Signs Aid Marketing…

Storefront businesses are such fun places. Interspersed with little cafes and coffee shops are businesses of every flavor and description. All are calling out for customers to experience all they have to offer.

Some storefront businesses, however, are more appealing than others. Often, it’s because they have attractive window graphics. Tasteful window displays and enticing window graphics work, and here’s how.

Awaken Curiosity

Window graphics are a great way to grab the attention of everyone passing by. It doesn’t matter if they are on foot or driving, everyone notices well-placed window graphics.

If you are a cafe owner who specializes in cakes, why not create an attractive display showcasing your best work. Let people know what your business is all about. People respond to images and providing a visual cue can be just the push they need to enter your store.

Whenever you advertise your products or services in attractive window displays, you are targeting your local market. This investment will pay off nicely.

Make a Big Impression With a Small Investment

Marketing your business is one of your biggest concerns. Perhaps you’ve already tried other strategies that have not paid off at all and are wary of wasting money on anything else.

Window graphics are extremely cost-effective. Your return-on-investment will please you.

Many window graphics don’t require additional permits. For a small investment, you can create a lasting impression on windows that were doing little for you before.

Show your creative side with colorful and stunning window graphics.

Window Graphics Are Versatile

You may not want window displays to be permanent. With window graphics, you can update your image and change out your graphics as the seasons roll along. Graphics are easy to install and easy to change out.

Don’t be left behind when it comes to trends and seasonal offerings. With bright, cheery window graphics, you’ll be grabbing everyone’s attention.

Strengthen Your Brand Through Window Graphics

Often, people will recall your window graphics above all else. Make them count. With professional design, you can make a stunning visual that represents the best of your business.

This is your chance to let the world know who you are and what type of business you do.

Window graphics are cost-effective and work across industries. They may be just what you’ve been looking for. Give us a call today for more graphics signage information from our friendly, knowledgeable team.

Chula Vista, CA – Professional Reception Signs for Medical and Doctor’s Offices …

A doctor’s office needs a good signage in the reception area as it provides much-needed clinic information to staff, patients and members of the public. Clinic opening times and a list of doctors’ names are two examples of useful information a reception sign can supply.

However, there are several other things that patients need to be informed of, and these are the signs that are often absent from supplies requisition forms for doctor’s offices. A dog-eared bit of paper tacked to a wall that was obviously printed out by an annoyed receptionist is a quick way to ruin a good impression. Make sure to add these low-cost signs your requisitions list.

Cell phones

Cell phone-use in the reception area can not only be irksome to others but may interfere with electronic medical equipment. Let us make you a sign in colors and font of your choice which clearly states cell phone use in the reception area is prohibited.

Insurance cover

Another useful message to display is the one that reminds waiting patients of their need to have insurance cover in place. This can be versed in a friendly but concise manner and saves time and frustration staff, patient and doctor.

Staff members

Doctors come and go at any medical practice. If you want your reception sign to include the names of current doctors and locums, we would recommend using inserts. These can be made from aluminum, vinyl, or Perspex, and should list all the doctors working there. The doctors’ names can be removed at the end of that doctor’s shift. Reception signs with inserts are ideal for displaying which doctors are on duty to waiting patients.

We can make both these reception signs out of engraved or embossed aluminum, or colored acrylic. They can be custom sized to suit available wall space, and text will always be clear and large enough to read, even on the longer messages. We can design information reception signs to be as small as possible while keeping the text plainly visible to the elderly.

By optimizing reception sign sizes this way, we can manufacture them at low cost and pass that saving onto you. On the other hand, you may want every sign at your practice to carry your logo or fit with the color scheme. We are also delighted to custom make these signs to any specifications.

Every doctor’s office needs a slim, attractive sign on the door or situated on the receptionist’s desk displaying, ‘RECEPTION.’ This sign informs the new patient that they have arrived at the right place to make an appointment to see the doctor.

If your job is running a busy doctor’s office, we’d like to hear from you. Give us a call at (619) 623-4300 and let us tell you what great, informative and time-saving reception signs we can make for you. If your work station is public, and you’d rather the privacy of an email, feel free to write to us at

Chula Vista, CA – Custom Open for Business Signs for Storefront Businesses (LED …

Storefront businesses are always in competition with others in their commercial field. When you have a storefront business set on a busy main street or mall, your most active competitor might also turn out to be a close neighbor. Don’t be complacent at those times when it’s quiet, and you and your staff are not out front, but round the back.

Every store has its quiet times. This is often the moment when you snatch a quick lunch break or replenish your stock. It’s necessary to do these tasks or take a well-earned break, but always make sure you’ve given notice to your customers that your store is still trading.

Give notice is an apt statement because your best friend, after a member of staff, is a sign. An ‘Open for Business’ sign saves you from losing money. How does it do that? Simple; by letting passersby know that they’re passing a vibrant business and not a morgue. You can’t afford to let even one potential customer walk past your shop in the mistaken belief it’s closed.

Perhaps the customer is attracted to what they see through your window. They may have spotted something they’ve been searching for a long time. Or maybe it’s something you’ve priced at that sweet spot that coerces them into a purchase.

Either way, you have a new customer right there, and if they think no one’s around to help with that purchase, they’ll walk right on by. They may come back at a later date, but you can’t be sure of that. Odds are you’ve lost a new customer. Forever.

So much custom is lost because business owners don’t realize how important it is to hang a simple ‘Open for Business’ sign on the door. Such a sign lets passersby know that for whatever reason the shop looks quiet and empty, it’s still selling, and they can walk right on in.

The cost of one of our attractive, durable, acrylic ‘Open for Business’ signs will pay for itself in only one or two sales. As a storefront business owner, you can’t afford to be without an ‘Open for Business’ sign.

And by not losing customers during those little downtimes during the day, you increase the size of your customer base. It’s not just about that one purchase on the day, but all the future purchases the customer will make once you’re on their internal map. An ‘Open for Business’ sign costs only a few dollars. You have no reason not to invest in one.

Call Sign-ology today at (619) 623-4300 and find out how cheaply we can make you a great ‘Open for Business’ sign. Or email us at to get started with effective signage for your storefront business today.

Chula Vista, CA – Elevator Graphics and Wall Murals Give Convention Marketing Su…

When you are in charge of a convention center, you understand that the only way to make money and keep the convention center relevant is to book the top events. After all, what is a convention center if no one is using it?

Sometimes there are several other venues competing with you for the same potential business. So, how do you beat out the competition? Well, you have the right price. You offer a great locale, and you have the best interior around.

We can’t change the first two, but our skilled team can help ensure that you have number three covered from top to bottom. There is a lot of space to be utilized in a convention center. Sure, most of it needs to be available for your clients for their events, but you still have the walls, and you have the elevators.

A lot of businesses do not even think about the elevator in terms of decorating or marketing, but when used correctly, the space on your elevator walls can help you bring in more business.

Consider, using elevator graphics as a way to let nearby places, such as a football stadium, hotel, or bank to advertise. Most everyone will use the elevator when they come into your convention center, and therefore elevator graphics are a smart and inexpensive way to have advertising or to recognize any sponsors.

Do you have specific events that you want to advertise? Showcase them with an elevator graphic. Does your convention center have some amazing attributes? Then, highlight them with elevator graphics.

This choice is cost-effective and whatever you decide to apply to your elevator walls will get noticed. In fact, you can just put up a beautiful design, so your convention center is now known as the one with the unusual elevators.

Elevator signs are just one unique way to make your business stand out. The same is true of wall murals. These have virtually endless options for design and are an original tool for making your convention center a one of a kind meeting place.

Why wait any longer? We are your one-stop shop for all of your signage needs from banners to outdoor lighted signs and everything in between. You can reach us online by visiting or you can call us directly 619-623-4300. You’ll be happy you did.

Chula Vista, CA – LED Wall Signs for Local Restaurants (Interior and Exterior)

Wall signs for restaurants fall into two camps, each as important as the other. At Sign-ology, we produce both, together with menus and fascia signs.

Wall signs

The first type of wall sign will probably be sizeable, taking up most of one entire wall. Most of this sign should be visible from the street, placed to lure customers into your restaurant. It needn’t even be a separate sign. One popular option is to create a wall mural, which will do an effective job of enticing customers to eat at your establishment.

Your wall sign should be multi-tasking. First, it should show your customers the dishes you specialize in. If, for example, this is seafood, then you can ensure your tastiest seafood dishes are displayed on the wall sign. However, there’s plenty of opportunity to be creative.

Rather than display the dish itself, why not show a close-up of a juicy prawn, or an octopus. Each of the octopus’ legs could point to a different seafood dish on a menu, displayed around the edges. There’s no harm in adding a little artistic license to your wall signs. It adds character and in doing so gives your restaurant a more prestige.

We can customize every sign or item with your logo and other features of your unique branding, such as font or color, making sure that your wall sign also showcases your unique brand.

Menu boards

The second type of restaurant wall sign is also essential, and must also be visible to passersby. This is the menu board, which provides details of all the dishes you offer, their prices, the opening times, and other important information.

Again, whether you choose to include full-color, high-resolution images or something artier, the menu wall sign must be readable. You might want to add backlighting to make the menu board even more readable and eye-catching. That way, hungry people passing in the evening can be tempted in for a bit of supper by your delectable dishes.

If you provide an extensive range of dishes, you might prefer to install two menu wall signs. The large comprehensive one can be inside the restaurant, while a smaller one is placed in the front window to tantalize hungry passersby.

Making sure that the overall look and style of your restaurant is reflected in its signage will give customers a mouthwatering taste of what they can expect in terms of delicious food, originality, and customer service.

When you have a moment from the hectic business of running a restaurant, feel free to send us an email ( or call us at (619) 623-4300. We’re more than happy to discuss the great range of wall signs we can design and install for your restaurant any time.

Chula Vista, CA – Custom Indoor Signs for Churches (LED Available)

When we visualize the interior of a church, the cross is likely the only sign we think of. Churches are where we look inside our hearts and souls for guidance. We are less concerned with the material things around us when in the House of God.

Signs, however, are there to help us, to inform, to warn, to guide, even to reassure or entertain. This is the case in any environment, whether it’s the inside of a civic building, a shopping mall or a sports hall. We may cast around for a burning bush or some similar direction from above, but the reality is that the sign we need to guide us to the bathroom, or nursery, is more likely fashioned from metal, wood or plastic.

Directional signs are particularly important in a church, especially for the newcomer. The area of worship with seating, altar or lectern, are easy to find, but there are many auxiliary rooms too. Many churches will house a nursery, restroom, offices, youth center, even a cafe. The church may have a band associated with it, which requires the use of a room to practice and store musical equipment.

Directional indoor signs can be mounted on the wall, and made from wood, aluminum, and plastic. Usually, the design will consist of a vertical list of place names, with accompanying arrows to indicate their direction. They can be fixed using screws, and if located in a visible spot near the entrance, will be of great benefit to all and sundry.

Directional signs are sometimes overlooked, though they will cost the church only a small amount of money and provide enormous benefit. There is no need to worry about clashing of themes and colors; directional signs can be custom built to fit in perfectly with any church’s rich cultural interior.

There are plenty of other signs that can be very useful in a church. Pop-up signs for events such as weddings, will make new visitors feel more welcome, and help to organize the crowd. Wall murals will brighten up areas for children and can depict bible scenes. Murals can also consist of text, such as the ten commandments. ADA signs will also be necessary, and these can also be supplied in brail.

Churchgoers have more important things to do than get lost in the corridors. With the appropriate indoor signs your church will remove some of the material distractions and your congregation can focus on worship.

So, give us a call today at (619) 623-4300. Let us show you how we can use signage in your church to offer your worshippers all the direction they need when trying to find their way around the building. We can also be contacted by email at


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