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Charlotte, NC – Advice by Sign Professionals | Busting Vehicle Wrap Myths

Vehicle Wrap Myths

Are you considering vehicle wraps for branding? Don’t let these vehicles wrap myths deter you from making your choice.

Even though a large number of companies use vehicle wraps to reach wider audiences without raising any objections, several myths continue to circulate about them in the signage industry. Perhaps someone didn’t want others to make the most of these signs and spread these myths in the market!

The reality, though, is that vehicle wraps can help your business grow by building brand awareness and improving brand recognition.

In this guide, we’ll bust some of the most common vehicle wrap myths.

Myth#1: They are Too PriceyVehicle Wrap

Not sure where this one came from. If you compare the advertising costs with other mediums, you’ll realize that vehicle wraps are a much more affordable investment than various other types of marketing solutions. No, we’re not just comparing them with traditional mediums, such as radio, TV, newspapers, and billboards, but also with modern marketing channels, such as online marketing.

PPC and paid advertising on social media will continue to drive results as long as you keep investing, whereas vehicle wraps are a one-time investment, and your brand message will go wherever your fleet travels. Free online marketing options such as SEO and unpaid social media marketing can take years to build awareness that vehicle wraps can achieve in months.

Myth#2: Vehicle Wraps Can’t be Used on Leased Vehicles

Vehicle leasing or rental companies more often service businesses and realize their critical branding and advertising needs. Plus, it would be too irrational for a fleet rental company to restrict clients from applying vehicle wraps when numerous other companies allow that. They’d risk losing business to their competitors if they do that.

On top of that, vehicle leasing companies understand that vehicle wraps do no harm to vehicles. Hence, there’s no reason for them to disallow the use of vehicle wraps.

To stay on the safe side, though, check your contract or agreement with your leasing company.

Myth#3: Vehicle Wraps Damage the Paint

It’s true that low-quality vehicle wraps were responsible for destroying the paint in the past. They required you to re-paint the vehicles when you removed them. However, you need not worry about that in the present-day, especially when you have so many reliable sign companies, like QC Signs Charlotte, to serve you.

We, at QC Signs Charlotte, use high-quality material to design vehicle wraps that not only last longer but can also be peeled off without posing any risk to the vehicle paint.

Myth#4: They’re Difficult to Remove

The best sign companies offer vehicle wraps that last for more than 5 years and smoothly come off when you remove them. Yet, the safest way to replace your vehicle wrap is to reach out to your installer who knows the best ways to remove the wraps without causing any harm to the paint.

If you’re looking for harmless and reliable vehicle wraps, you must choose a company that specializes in n them like QC Signs Charlotte.

For eye-catching and durable vehicle wraps, connect with QC Signs Charlotte today.


“Best Sign Company in Charlotte, NC”

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“Best Sign Company in Charlotte, NC”

Top Rated Local Custom Sign Shop / Store / Business

Mecklenburg County: Charlotte, Matthews, Pineville, Belmont, Fort Mill, NC


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