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Cape Coral, FL – People Want Panoramic Financial Planning for their Retirement

SYNOPSIS: They want to make sure that everything is covered and a lot of times they're like I have some investments and they're kind of being taken care of but a lot of people are realizing right now that...

People Want Panoramic Financial Planning

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It’s all about a great plan when you’re doing financial planning for folks. Right now, during times like these, people are seeking panoramic planning. They want to make sure that everything they need is covered and they’re like I have some investments and they’re kind of being taken care of but many individuals are realizing right now that the custodian where their money is, is just a parking lot for their money. It’s not being managed. There’s actually no purpose for it.  There’s no direction. They’re not giving any tax strategies.  They really just feel like their money’s just sitting there. This is where our team at Retirement Wealth Advisors of Cape Coral can make a real difference for these people.

What Retirement Wealth Advisors of Cape Coral  is trying to do is through panoramic planning, we’re actually trying to provide purpose for that money.  We want to determine the purpose and that’s going to determine the placement of where those investments go over time.  When a potential client comes in and I take a look at their portfolio, if I don’t understand what the portfolio’s trying to do for them, more than likely it’s not working out very well for them.

I’ve been doing this long enough and I’ve seen thousands and thousands of portfolios in my Cape Coral office. I cut right to the chase. We explain the fees are ridiculous. We show it’s totally duplication over diversification. We’re going through that portfolio and we’re being very insightful and we’re showing them a lot of things that they never knew about their portfolio.

And they’re like, wow, this is really eye-opening. This is what we want to do. We want to blow them away, but also get them reacquainted with that financial portfolio. There’s nothing more interesting to me than to have someone leave my office and say, “I’m finally starting to understand my portfolio”.  Most times they just look at their portfolio statement.

Can you tell us a little bit about your website,, what are they going to see when they get to your website? People can go in there and they can see what we’re doing, what we’re offering, why we’re different.  They see that we have a financial planning side and they see that we have a wealth management side. That we’re implementing tax strategies.

They see where there’s a concierge service. And the financial concierge service is something that is really special to me because I can’t stand when I call somewhere and I get a recording and it says, “Please hold. You’re experiencing very high call volume.” We always want to have someone answering the phone. People want to feel heard.

What we want to do is we want to put out fires before they get very big.  So, we’re handling those day to day monetary needs on a very quick turnaround.   Then we’re getting back to the client and saying, have we taken care of everything for you? Is there anything else you need? We want to make sure that we’re nipping it in the bud and I’ll tell you, that’s why clients keep coming back to us.

We have very low attrition because we’re giving our clients everything that they need.  We’re growing more rapidly than we can ever imagined.

Our complete guide to retirement income. This is a very powerful guide because it’s showing people all the different avenues that you have to have in retirement. The average millionaire has seven streams of income. And what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to set up different streams of income.

This way when the markets get tumultuous, we can actually turn off some of those income streams. And turn on others.   You can actually go our site and download that as well. In short, we’ll take all the guesswork out of financial planning. Give us a call 239-471=0461

We specialize in helping people, just like you prepare for the retirement that they’ve always dreamed. We’ll do exactly that by going over your current strategy to expose the weaknesses that may exist in your retirement portfolio. Plus, we’ll explain potential risks and possible strategies to you and easy to understand terms and help get you reacquainted with your portfolio and income strategy.

What I enjoy most about retirement planning is sitting down with you and having real conversations about your retirement dreams and goals. Once you understand your retirement goals, objectives, and dreams. We’ll work to custom build a retirement plan to help ensure that you cannot outlive your income in your retirement.


Eric Kearney, President and Senior Investment Advisor of Retirement Wealth Advisors LLC, has been serving affluent clients since 2001. As an experienced advisor, Eric utilizes a panoramic approach to retirement planning, income strategies and assisting his clients in achieving their financial goals. Through education, he navigates his clients through all of the financial decisions in the various stages of retirement. He also helps create and execute customized portfolios, design tax strategies and real estate plans that guide his clients all throughout their successful retirement.

This information is designed to provide general information on the subjects covered, it is not, however, intended to provide specific legal or tax advice and cannot be used to avoid tax penalties or to promote, market, or recommend any tax plan or arrangement. Please note that RWA and its affiliates do not give legal or tax advice. You are encouraged to consult your tax advisor or attorney. Annuity guarantees rely on the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurer. Any comments regarding safe and secure investments, and guaranteed income streams refer only to fixed insurance products. They do not refer, in any way to securities or investment advisory products. Fixed Insurance and Annuity product guarantees are subject to the claims‐paying ability of the issuing company and are not offered by Retirement Wealth Advisors Inc.

“Best Financial Advisor in Cape Coral, FL”

Top Rated Local Financial Advisor / Planner

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“Best Financial Advisor in Cape Coral, FL”

Top Rated Local Financial Advisor / Planner

Lee County: Cape Coral, , , , , FL

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Cape Coral, FL – People Want Panoramic Financial Planning for their Retirement