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SYNOPSIS: As a FocalPoint coach, I empower realtors to adopt new philosophies and practices for unprecedented productivity. This article challenges traditions and provides unconventional time management wisdom

Outsmart the Clock: How Realtors Conquer Time

BY: JP Van Steerteghem, FocalPoint Business Coaching of Bolton, MA

The old paradigms of time management are no longer serving modern realtors. In today’s on-demand world, hyperfocus and constant hustle lead to burnout. Yet we cling to traditional tactics – rigid schedules, endless to-do lists, hurried multitasking – hoping for different results. It’s time for a new approach.

As a FocalPoint coach, I work with Framingham realtors to develop customized systems that unlock productivity. The key is challenging assumptions and optimizing strengths. By adopting innovative philosophies and practices, you gain control of your time on your terms. The result is unmatched efficiency, exponential growth and lasting work-life balance.

Rethink Time Blocking

Block scheduling is common advice, but traditional hour-by-hour agendas are too rigid for the unpredictable real estate industry. Instead, create time “zones” aligned to your energy and focus levels at different times of day. Plot your fixed appointments, then populate zones with related batches of tasks.

For example, mornings could be an administrative zone for returning calls, emails and paperwork. Afternoons are showing zones with back-to-back viewing appointments. Evenings can be an open zone with no fixed commitments, reserved for follow-ups or brainstorming.

This zone approach adds flexibility within a structure while honoring your natural rhythms. The result is time that works for you, not against you.

Multi-Batch for Results

Batching similar tasks is also commonly advised but single-batching is inefficient long-term. Instead, multi-batch your time for energy optimization.

For instance, batch your first three mornings of the week for lead generation. Monday is outreach, Tuesday is networking and Wednesday is community events. Then switch modes. Batch the last two mornings that week for lingering admin tasks before starting your showing zones.

Multi-batching lets you move between focused activites while grouping priorities, so your time stays targeted and engaging.

Automate the Mundane

Leverage automation to eliminate busywork that devours time. Sign e-signatures and e-documents to skip driving for signatures. Automate social media posting and email newsletters with preset content. Create automatic follow-up email sequences so you needn’t manually send each one. Delegate data entry and reporting.

Freeing yourself from repetitive tasks grants more time for meaningful client connections – the heart of the job.

Schedule Inspiration

Creativity and inspiration can’t be forced into rigid schedules. Instead, treat inspiration gently. When those innovative ideas arise, pause and explore them, instead of pushing them aside to stick to allotted tasks.

Keep a running list of sparks so when you reach an open zone, you can revisit them freely. Great ideas need nurturing time to blossom.

Work in Snacks

The rigid structure of hour-long time blocks stifles creativity. Work time is better “snacked” in smaller increments between fixed appointments. Carve out 20-30 minutes between showings to return calls, write a blog post or brainstorm ideas. Use small windows wisely to chip away at priorities.

Working in snacks honors natural mental breaks while maximizing fleeting minutes. You complete more tasks without over-scheduling yourself.

Run Tight Meetings

Meeting others devours time, so run tight, efficient meetings by default. Begin with the end in mind: what must be accomplished? Limit tangents and stick to the agenda. End on time – respect everyone’s schedule.

Afterward, follow up in writing to document decisions, action steps and homework. Your team stays aligned without needing endless meetings.

Turn Off Triggers

Limit time drains by managing digital distractions. Disable push notifications, schedule email delivery and silence phone alerts during focus blocks. Set boundaries and train clients on preferred contact methods and times.

Controlling triggers lets you fully devote time to the task at hand. You think deeper, strategize better and close more deals.

Leave Time for Life

Avoid the fallacy of filling every moment, as if time not spent working is wasted. Remember working nonstop sabotages creativity and health. Leave reasonable time for rest, family and fun – you will return renewed. Your loved ones will appreciate your presence.

Traditional time management tactics no longer yield transformative results for Framingham realtors. By challenging assumptions and optimizing strengths through new philosophies and practices, you gain an edge on the competition. Your time becomes a strategic asset that enables purposeful growth and joyful balance. You control your hours, rather than letting them control you. My name is JP Van Steerteghem, and I’m ready to help you embrace your real estate future by conquering time management on your own terms.

“Best Business Coach in Bolton, MA”

Top Rated Local Business Coach / Advisor / Consultant / Firm

Worcester County: Bolton, Worcester, Marlborough, Framingham, Waltham, MA


“Best Business Coach in Bolton, MA”

Top Rated Local Business Coach / Advisor / Consultant / Firm

Worcester County: Bolton, Worcester, Marlborough, Framingham, Waltham, MA

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