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Walnut Creek, CA – Contractor Discusses the Custom Trex Deck Building Process

SYNOPSIS: California homeowners explore an overview of the custom Trex deck building process from a contractor specializing in delivering high-quality outdoor living spaces that blend durability, beauty.

Exploring the Custom Trex Deck Building Process

BY: Juan Carlos Sanchez, Metamorphosis Construction

Many clients come to us to build custom Trex decks to improve their outdoor living spaces. We enjoy offering these low-maintenance and eco-friendly decking solutions that are durable and visually appealing.

As skilled contractors, we walk homeowners through the design and construction process. Our careful preparation guarantees that the finished product matches customer requirements while optimizing utility.

Initial Consultation

Your Trex deck concept and needs are discussed at the initial consultation. We customize plans based on your lifestyle and interests. We listen to your ideas and offer experienced guidance for your new deck to fulfill your expectations.

Site Assessment

An extensive site inspection by our team identifies possible roadblocks. Then, we can plan and address any issues with proper information. A smooth construction process requires professional assessment.

Material Selection

We recommend durable, low-maintenance Trex decking. Trex has several shapes and colors to suit your taste and budget. This makes sure the deck lasts a long time and looks great.

Permitting and Approvals

We get all permits and approvals to ensure your deck meets local construction requirements. This stage provides a smooth construction process and fewer delays.


Quality and safety are prioritized when our expert workers begin construction. Precision and durability are achieved with cutting-edge equipment. For a high-quality deck, every element is carefully designed.

Installation of Trex Decking

Trex decking is securely placed with concealed fasteners for a clean surface. This improves the look and safety of the deck. The rigorous installation process makes your deck gorgeous, strong, and solid.

Finishing Touches

Railings, steps, lights, built-in seating, and plants are added. Your deck is distinctive and practical with these elements. Our final touches make your deck ready to use.

Inspection and Quality Check

To assure quality and craftsmanship, the deck is thoroughly inspected. We resolve any issues and ensure everything is correct before we deliver. A faultless product is guaranteed by this procedure.

From choosing the ideal Trex decking materials to implementing elaborate designs, our expert team makes all the difference. We pay special attention to detail and are committed to excellent workmanship, which results in gorgeous outdoor oases for our clients. With the care and maintenance we recommend, a custom Trex deck may provide homeowners with years of enjoyment. They can be proud of their investment, knowing we helped construct a beautiful and long-lasting addition to their property.

Metamorphosis Construction specializes in creating custom outdoor living areas, transforming your ideal retreat into a reality. Whether it’s a large-scale home or business project or a smaller initiative, we treat each task with the same degree of expertise and excellence. With a team of qualified designers and construction specialists, we have the expertise and experience to handle your project carefully.

We are committed to quality and prioritize delivering on our commitments, understanding that our clients drive our success. While we’re based in Bay Point, we’re only a short drive from Walnut Creek. Let Metamorphosis assist you in accomplishing your objectives by creating your perfect Bay Area outside living environment.

“Best Deck Builder in Bay Point, CA”

Top Rated Local Decking Contractor / Service / Deck Building Company

East Bay Area: Bay Point, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Danville, Concord, CA


“Best Deck Builder in Bay Point, CA”

Top Rated Local Decking Contractor / Service / Deck Building Company

East Bay Area: Bay Point, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Danville, Concord, CA

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Walnut Creek, CA – Contractor Discusses the Custom Trex Deck Building Process