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Bay Point, CA

by: Juan Carlos Sanchez

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Walnut Creek CA -Need a New Wood Deck Installed? Hire a Local Decking Contractor

New Wood Deck

Are you looking forward to installing a new wood deck on your property? It is best to hire a local decking contractor to take care of it for you.

Adding a touch of the outdoors to your living space by installing a new deck is a great American tradition. Decks are a wonderful, safe space for you to enjoy some time with nature and get a breath of fresh air. However, there are many things to consider before the construction starts. Let’s discuss them all today.

Cover All Your Basics

Installing a new deck is one of the most exciting parts of home renovation. It can transform the entire look of your property exterior and make your home look more inviting and presentable. Moreover, a new wood deck increases the value of your property quite significantly. Seems like a win-win, right?

The first thing you will need to do before getting your deck installation started is hiring a local decking contractor. These are professionals who have experience guiding you through the entire process and ensuring all your decking requirements are catered to.

Moreover, local decking contractors are aware of which materials work best in your particular climate and environment. They can offer useful insights to help you pick out a deck material that won’t rot easily or face damages due to pests and changing climates. The contractor will also consult you regarding the design and structure to ensure you get exactly the look and feel you want.

Know the Decking Materials

The second most important component of a new wood deck is the perfect material to use. Here are your options.

Pressure-treated Wood

Pros – It is very easy to work with. You can stain the wood to your preferred color and make it waterproof too.

Cons – Can cause metal corrosion which would weaken your nails and other fasteners if left unprotected. It also requires frequent resealing and re-staining to maintain its look.

Tropical Hardwood

Pros – Pest and rot-resistant. Highly durable and will last you for years with proper upkeep.

Cons – The installation process is labor-extensive and thus more expensive.

Redwood or Cedar

Pros – It is easy to work with and weathers down to a stunning gray color. Natural insect-repellant.

Cons – Will require frequent waterproofing and maintenance.

Be Careful Not to Overload

No matter what your deck is made of, it can’t hold more than 60 pounds per square foot, including the weight of the deck itself (called the dead load). If you plan on hosting evening soirees, or dinner parties on your deck, you will need to be cautious about this. Moreover, if you want to add heavy planters or even a hot tub, be sure to ask your decking contractor about upgrading the deck’s supporting structure.

This will help you put on an extra live load on your deck without the risk of it collapsing under all the extra pressure.

Look for experienced professionals to install your new wood deck? Contact Bay Area outdoor living!


“Best Deck Builder in Bay Point, CA”

Top Rated Local Decking Contractor / Service / Deck Building Company

East Bay Area: Bay Point, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Danville, Concord, CA


“Best Deck Builder in Bay Point, CA”

Top Rated Local Decking Contractor / Service / Deck Building Company

East Bay Area: Bay Point, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Danville, Concord, CA




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