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Dunwoody, GA – Benefits of Installing a Lennox Brand Air Conditioner / HVAC Unit

SYNOPSIS: The benefits Lennox brand air conditioners offer include reliable performance, warranties, user-friendliness, and energy efficiency, resulting in major savings for homeowners.

A new Lennox AC system helps save money.

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A quality air conditioning system can play a very significant role in your comfort if you live in Dunwoody, Georgia or the surrounding areas. It’s no secret that temperatures in our region can get very high during certain times of year. You want to know that your air conditioner will consistently deliver cool air when you need it to.

One way to ensure your AC will keep you comfortable is to choose the right brand. At Cunningham Associates Heating & Air Conditioning, offering HVAC services to Dunwoody, GA residents, we strongly recommend Lennox brand air conditioners. The following are key benefits they offer:


You should always prioritize staying on top of HVAC maintenance. Even if your home is equipped with an HVAC system from a trusted brand and manufacturer, to optimize its performance and keep it in good working order for as long as possible, you must actively monitor it for signs of failure and take basic steps to address minor issues before they become more significant problems. Our HVAC technicians in the Dunwoody, GA area will gladly explain to you what you can do to maintain your system.

That said, one of the key benefits of installing a Lennox brand air conditioner in your home is reliability. Lennox air conditioners have a reputation for dependably cooling homes for years with proper upkeep.

Additionally, warranties are available for Lennox brand air conditioners. A warranty gives you peace of mind that comes from knowing you likely won’t face major financial burdens if something goes wrong with your system.

Energy Efficiency

There are many reasons some homeowners wait to install new air conditioners when their current systems need to be replaced. Saving money is one common reason. Some homeowners believe that they can’t justify the cost of scheduling HVAC installation service until they are in a more financially secure place.

This is understandable. However, it’s worth noting that upgrading your HVAC system could actually help you save a lot of money in the long run.

This is particularly true if you opt for a Lennox brand air conditioner. The team at Lennox consistently leverages new technology and innovations to maximize the energy efficiency of its units.

If you install a new Lennox air conditioner in your home, you will likely find that your energy bills start to drop over time. This isn’t merely good for your bank account. It’s also good for the planet.


The product development teams at Lennox don’t just apply new technologies in an effort to boost energy efficiency. While this may be their primary goal, they also explore how new technologies can allow for a more convenient user experience.

For example, many Lennox air conditioners now give users the option to turn them on, turn them off, and adjust their settings using mobile tech. Being able to operate your air conditioner from virtually anywhere is much more appealing than needing to be at the unit itself to adjust it.

All that said, while Lennox may be a trusted air conditioning brand, it is still vital that trained and experienced professionals handle your new HVAC system’s installation. An air conditioner with the potential to deliver impressive performance may not live up to that potential if it is not installed correctly.

This isn’t something you need to worry about when you hire Cunningham Associates Heating & Air Conditioning, offering Lennox air conditioner installation services to homeowners in and around Dunwoody, GA. We will install your system correctly the first time, helping you avoid the need to schedule frequent repair service. Learn more by contacting us today at 770-343-7565.

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“Best HVAC Company: Heating & A/C Services in Atlanta, GA”

Top Rated Local Heat, Duct & Air Conditioning Contractors / Experts / Specialists

Fulton County: Atlanta, , , , , GA

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Dunwoody, GA – Benefits of Installing a Lennox Brand Air Conditioner / HVAC Unit