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Zephyrhills, FL – Avoid the Following Mistakes to Fulfill ADA Sign Requirements 

Do you want to make sure your signs are ADA compliant? Avoid the following mistakes.

Development and installation of business signs that adhere to the standards set by the American Disabilities Act (ADA) is a mandatory requirement. Businesses that don’t follow the standard ADA signage requirements are subject to legal consequences. If you want to protect your company from being fined by the authorities, it is in your best interest to keep your signs ADA compliant.Awkward Mounting 

Most people believe that the mere inclusion of Braille to their business signs fulfills the ADA signage requirement. However, Braille is just one of the many ADA signage considerations that one can’t miss out on. In this article, we shall discuss the most common mistakes that you must avoid to keep your business signs ADA compliant.

Incorrect Font Choice 

The ADA sign requirements are clear and straightforward. ADA signs must have tactile characters in the sans serif font. The text should be in the uppercase and should not be italicized. The purpose of these requirements is to make your business signs prominent and readable. Your job is to follow these requirements to keep your signs simple and not violate any ADA requirements by being too fancy.

Poor Spacing  

Another important consideration with ADA signs is the space between the tactile characters. Space shouldn’t be less than 1/8 inches. This spacing between the characters makes these signs more readable for people with imperfect eyesight. Even though these signs appear a little off, they are still readable, which is what you want. Make sure not to reduce the spacing between these characters.

Awkward Mounting 

Another common mistake is the incorrect mounting of the signs. Tactile characters on signs should be mounted 48-60 inches from the ground. In short, when you are mounting the sign keep in mind the height of the tactile characters above the ground.

Incorrect Character Size 

To keep your signs ADA compliant, make sure that the character size is correct. Your job is to keep the height of tactile characters between 5/8th of an inch and 2 inches at max. The size requirements for dual-message signs are slightly different. In the case of dual-message signs, you can reduce the size of your tactile characters to ½ an inch.

Braille Misuse 

Messing up the ADA Braille requirements on signs is quite common. Most people make use of square-shaped dots on their signs. However, according to the ADA requirements, the Braille dots should either be rounded or domed. Also, the spots need to be placed right underneath the corresponding text.

Avoiding the aforementioned mistakes is essential for two reasons. First of all, by avoiding these mistakes, you will fulfill ADA requirements and save yourself from legal trouble. Secondly, by avoiding these mistakes, you will make your workplace appear more inclusive, thus adding to customer experience.


For ADA-compliant business signs, visit our website and place an order today.


Zephyrhills, FL – Install These Wayfinding Signs and Make Navigation Easier 

Do customers have a hard time navigating through your workplace? Maybe you can help them with these wayfinding signs.

Try putting yourself in your customers’ shoes. Imagining that you are a first time visitor, does it seem difficult to navigate through your workplace? If you have answered yes to this question, then your customers probably feel the same way when they visit your workplace for the first time with no wayfinding signs to guide them through. In this article, we shall take a look at 4 common wayfinding signs that you must have in your dog


Let’s break it down.


  1. Identification Signs 
  • Themost common type of wayfinding sign is a directional sign. It serves as a wayfinding landmark and notifies you when you reach a place. Your job is to make sure that your identification signs are clear  and straightforward. By keeping these signs simple, you will let your customers know whether or not they are in the right place.
  1. Informational Signs 

Now that we have discussed identification signs, let’s talk about informational signs. Unlike identification signs which are to the point, these informational signs are far more detailed. Informational signs are perfect to place in areas that are frequented by numerous people throughout the day. You can place these signs in lobbies, atriums, entrances, and waiting areas. These signs should be self-explanatory.

  1. Directional Signs 

As the name suggests, the purpose of directional signs is to help people go where they need to go. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that directional signs act like an invisible hand guiding your way one step at a time. They are perfect for areas that receive heavy traffic and there is no specific direction for you to walk into.

If you are unfamiliar with your surroundings, directional signs will help you out. Directional signs come in the form of plaques or have colored lines with arrows, showing you where to go. One of the most crucial components of directional signs is continuity. So keep that in mind, when you are designing your signs.

  1. Regulatory Signs 

Another effective wayfinding sign is a regulatory sign. A regulatory sign signifies safety and liability concerns and sets boundaries. The purpose of having regulatory signs on your premises is to ensure privacy expectations and safety standards are not ignored. Regulatory signs are big, and the font of the text is bold, which makes them hard to miss.

To make the most of wayfinding signs, you should use different wayfinding signs together. Regulatory signs will keep your customers out of restricted areas, while directional signs will help them reach the place they wanted to find. Similarly, informational signs combined with regulatory signs will ensure that your customers behave in an expected manner on your premises.


If you are looking for the best wayfinding signs in Zephyrhills, FL, visit our website today. 


Zephyrhills, FL – Switch to Post and Panel Signs and Up Your Marketing Game

Do you know the ways in which post and panel signs can benefit your business? Here are some of the many benefits of post and panel signs.

Marketing your business requires creativity and strategic planning. To stay at the top of your marketing game, you need to keep an eye on your competitors and also evaluate the tools at your disposal. One of the simplest yet effective marketing tools is signage. However, there are a variety of signs, and finding the right one for your business is difficult. As far as outdoor signs are concerned, they are exposed to environmental factors that can deteriorate them easily. One of the sturdiest types of outdoor signs is post and panel signs. But that’s just one of the many benefits. In this article, we shall discuss the many benefits of post and panel signs.

Easy to Paint

Let’s break it down.

They Come in Various Materials 

Contrary to popular belief, not every post and panel sign is made up of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Two of the most common materials used in post and panel signs are wood and aluminum. When selecting the materials for your post and panel signs, there are two things that you need to keep in mind. First of all, you need to consider your durability needs, and secondly, the appearance of the sign, which must be relevant to your business.

For example, if you run a rather rustic café or inn, wood will be the right material for your post and panel signs. On the other hand, if you run a hip and trendy restaurant, aluminum and similar materials will come in handy when designing your post and panel signs. Wooden signs give your business a beautiful and elegant appearance. However, wood succumbs quickly to environmental factors and doesn’t last long.

On the flip side, a sign made up of aluminum and PVC works perfectly when it comes to sustaining environmental factors and changing weather conditions. When it comes to affordability, PVC proves much more cost-effective in comparison to aluminum signs and other metallic signs.

They Are Easy to Paint 

Whether they are made up of wood or aluminum, post and panel signs can be painted quite easily. The colors used in these signs must match the colors used in your company’s logo. However, color choices aren’t the only consideration in this regard. You must also act smartly when choosing the right shape for your post and panel signs. The choices are endless when it comes to distinguishing between a custom marker and a geometric shape.

Another important consideration is the text size on your sign. If there is too much information on your sign, you would be tempted to use a smaller font size. Too much text on your signage results in clutter, which affects the readability of your sign. If your purpose is to signify the logo, refrain from having too many words.

They Are Multi-Purpose 

Post and panel signs can be used for the following purposes.

  • Pylon signs with a lighted box in strip malls
  • Directional signs
  • Pole signs in shopping malls and box stores
  • Business directories

These were some of the many benefits of post and panel signs for your business. However, before incorporating them into your business, take into consideration the look you want, your durability needs, as well as your budget. More importantly, try looking for a professional signs company in Zephyrhills, FL.

For immaculate post and panel signs in Zephyrhills, FL, feel free to visit our website today. 

Zephyrhills, FL – Utilize These Vehicle Wraps in Your Next Marketing Campaign 

Are you aware of the different types of vehicle wraps? Here are some of them which you can use.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a vehicle wrap is a moving billboard that effectively promotes your business. Regardless of what type and size of vehicles you use, vehicle wraps work perfectly with each type. The most common types of vehicle wraps are the ones used for trucks, RVs, food trucks, company vehicles, and boats. Vehicle such as trailers and campers can also be used for marketing purposes. Food Truck Wraps

Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of vehicle wraps that you can use for your marketing campaigns. 

Full Vehicle Wraps 

Full vehicle wraps come in handy when it comes to ensuring your presence and creating an impact. These wraps cover every part of your vehicle, except the areas that are prohibited by law, which include windows and windshields. From the advertising point of view, full vehicle wrap enables your brand to benefit from the maximum amount of ad space. You can customize these wraps and can also add whatever image or graphic on it. Some companies even print their CEO’s picture on their full vehicle wraps.

Partial Vehicle Wraps 

As discussed above, full vehicle wraps are extremely effective, when it comes to marketing your brand. However, sometimes, due to a lack of funds, you may not find yourself in a position to afford full vehicle wraps. In that case, the best alternative to a full vehicle wrap is a partial one. Even though they don’t cover your entire vehicle, partial vehicle wraps are strategically placed in areas on your car, which are visible to the onlookers. Surprisingly, partial vehicle wraps are more noticeable and help you save money at the same time.

Customized Truck Wraps 

Sometimes, trucks are more in need of custom graphics than a smaller vehicle as they are used in branding fleets. Trucks spend a significant number of hours on the road and have enough space for specific ad campaigns. In some cases, specific trucks carrying the messages and graphics drive throughout the city to gain maximum attention.

Food Truck Wraps 

Food truck wraps are the talk of the town, and more and more of these trucks are becoming prominent on the roads. With an increase in competition, food companies need to stand out from the crowd and decorate their trucks with graphics that are catchy and hard to miss. Most food companies cover their trucks with full vehicle wraps, but some of them use partial wraps, due to a lack of funds.

These were some of the most common types of vehicle wraps that you can use for your marketing campaigns. Before investing in vehicle wraps, make sure to evaluate your promotional needs, the kind of vehicle used, as well as your budget.

For professionally designed vehicle wraps, visit our website, and place an order today.


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BIO: The Amazing Signs team is ready to help you with all of your signage needs. We provide interior and exterior signs, as well as personalized graphics and more. Promoting your company is essential in today’s business environment, and signs are a great tool for advertising your specialties. At Amazing Signs, we are here to serve you and help you achieve your objectives.