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April 05, 2010

Laser Printer Education | Go Green with Laser Printer Toner- Laser Printer Resource, The Bay Area Resource for Green Choices

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Did you know that supporting a greener environment can leave more green in your pocket? If you own a laser printer, you are already making the move in the right direction. Laser printers are more cost efficient per page on top of giving you high quality prints. But when it comes to the toner, do you know your options? Back in May, we talked briefly about the differences between OEM toner cartridges and Compatible toner cartridges, but let’s go more in depth.

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. If you use a Lexmark toner cartridge in a Lexmark laser printer, you are using the brand name or OEM toner cartridge. OEM toner cartridges are brand new and high quality, but can be very expensive. What many people don’t know is that you can get that same OEM quality in your toner cartridge, without the OEM price when you use Compatible toner cartridges.

What is Compatible? Compatible is the ability to exist together in harmony. And what are Compatible Toner Cartridges? Compatible toner cartridges are sustainable products that allow the consumer to limit wasteful spending on the manufacturing of brand new products, packaging and shipping. Over the lifetime of your laser printer, you will spend more money on toner than the cost of the printer itself, this means more unnecessary waste to the landfills and with your money.  Compatible toner cartridges are made from recycled materials and can cost up to a third of the price of OEM ones because you are not paying for a trademark like Canon, Epson or Hewlett Packard (HP).

There are many advantages to compatible toners but there are a couple things to watch out for. Yes, it’s great that they cost less, but are also so easy to manufacture that it can be done your neighbor’s backyard. It can be difficult knowing where to go and who to trust. Avoid a drill-and-fill low quality product. Good quality products along with regular maintenance from knowledgeable people, will keep your laser printer in tip top shape, and avoid costly repairs. Get to know who you are buying from and where. If it’s an online site, read through their policies carefully, read customer reviews, or call the company itself and ask specific questions. Purchase your compatible toner cartridges from a company that not only has green practices but knows their products well and will back them up 100%. To keep even more environmentally friendly, you should seek locally. Sometimes the best deals are just around the corner.

We at Laser Printer Resource are centrally located in the East Bay Area, in Walnut Creek. We service to Concord, San Jose, Oakland, Berkley, Pleasanton, Emeryville, Sacramento, San Francisco, and every town in between, and all throughout California. We also carry compatible toner and ink cartridges that are assembled in California- that means less distance for shipping and more jobs in our community.  We give our products a 100% guarantee and go out of our way to ensure 100% satisfaction to our customers. You can feel confident with Laser Printer Resource because we will also educate you as best we can on the latest news and technology in our industry. For instance, we encourage the use of compatible toner for your black and white printing, but not for your color laser printers, as you may have read back in our August post  Should I use compatible / recycled toner cartridges in my color laser printer? We would never try to sell you anything you don’t need or that could damage your investment. Our skilled technicians will assist you any way we can. We will even pick up your used toner cartridges for recycling for you.

We want to help create harmony in our environment and our communities. We encourage you to be aware of your green choices. Not only will the environment thank you, but your community and your wallet will too. Questions? We’ll be glad to answer them. Give us a call so we can get to know you and better suit your individual needs. Toll free (877) 933-3366

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