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Kyocera Mita, Panasonic, Ricoh, Samsung, Sharp, and Xerox Ring of Recycling

We continue our recap of the Ring of Recycling matches of these last few months.
Match 3: The (relatively) small manufacturers of laser printer toner cartridges, Kyocera Mita and Panasonic, waged a highly unimpressive bout. Panasonic put up a lukewarm fight, accepting only a select few of its cartridges back and asking for information prior to a label being printed. After a screen thanking the customer for submitting her request, nothing happened. A couple months later, I still don’t recall receiving any shipping label. Panasonic didn’t look hard to beat… but Kyocera Mita was even worse. It offered customers an address where they could ship used toner cartridges. These would have to be some customers profoundly dedicated to recycling, however, since Kyocera Mita expects them to pay the cost out of pocket. Panasonic was the best of the worst.
Match 4: Ricoh took on Samsung in this exciting match of laser printing product recycling! Ricoh started strong, promising to recycle 95% of its used printer products. Granted, it only accepted back certain toner cartridges, but these were listed on an extensive dropdown menu, giving the impression that Ricoh was conscientious. But it was only a bluff! None of the menu items worked! Every single choice claimed that the toner was not included in Ricoh’s recycling program. Samsung didn’t even have to try, but it still put on a good show for the audience, requesting only basic customer information before offering a printable pre-paid shipping label for the return of its used printer cartridges. One of the best performances so far! Samsung thoroughly trounced Ricoh.
Match 5: In the final match of the elimination rounds, Sharp and Xerox, two of the big names in imaging products, gave us an exciting fight. These two giants were both quick to show us their best moves: both ask for minimal information and both provide free shipping. But while Xerox gave customer’s the gratification of a printable prepaid label, Sharp only offered the option of eco-boxes, which would be sent to the customer. Xerox seemed to have the edge in speed, but Sharp had power. Unlike Xerox, it takes back all of its printer cartridges and it recycles all of them. This final, heavy blow put an end to Xerox, and Sharp emerged triumphant.

Education | Brother, Canon, Hewlett Packard, and Konica Minolta Ring of Recyclin…

Five bloody (inky?) battles have now been fought in the Ring of Recycling, and now it’s time to take a look at the carnage and see which companies are still in the competition. We’ll now continue with a quick recap of the events of these matches.

Match 1: Brother versus Canon. Brother blew Canon out of the ring, allowing Brother to print labels from its website without asking for any information or placing any limitations on which of its products it accepts back, while Canon only accepted back certain items, threatened customers who went against its policies with fees, and asked for every kind of information except the name of the customer’s firstborn. No contest. Brother was the clear winner.

Match 2: Hewlett Packard vs. Konica Minolta. In what initially seemed like a close contest, with both companies requiring a fair amount of contact information, Hewlett Packard pulled steadily ahead. By not automatically opting its customers into its marketing emails, not asking for the serial number of the product, and generally not being a nuisance, Hewlett Packard made recycling toner cartridges more pleasant and easier. But the real death blow came when Konica Minolta obliged its customer’s to accept terms and conditions that authorized it with the right to recover costs for shipping “unauthorized items,” which included “packaging Material including cartons, bubble wrap etc…,” “multiple items returned in a non-Clean Planet recycling box,” and my favorite, improperly wrapped printer cartridges. Hewlett Packard won the day.

Walnut Creek, CA – Sharp’s and Xerox’s Toner Recycling Policies | Printing

Today is the last elimination match in the Ring of Recycling. In one of the most exciting combinations in this challenge, Xerox, the document technology and services giant, takes on Sharp, the electronics manufacturer that makes everything from television to solar panels to, of course, laser printer toner cartridges!

Sharp comes out with a strong public relations move: a graph that shows how much more it recycles than is legally mandated. You can check out an action shot here: Sharp must be burning up some environmental records there because the next thing it tells its customers is to Stop, Drop, and Recycle!

Whew, I’m excited. Blow us away, Sharp. “All consumables are 100% recycled with ZERO waste to a landfill.” This has got to be a Ring of Recycling FIRST! A company that creates zero waste from its consumables. It’s Xerox’s turn to show us its stuff now. Xerox is out to create a Green World Alliance. What are the terms?

Oh, no. Xerox has a “take-back list”; it will only take back certain imaging products. It looks like Sharp is creating a greener world than Xerox. Maybe there is a catch. Maybe Sharp charges its customers an arm and a leg to maintain its recycling policies. – But no. Fill out the usual name-address-telephone number-and-email form, and Sharp will send you bulk eco-boxes which you can fill with its products and ship back for free. This isn’t the best customer service we’ve seen; there’s no instant gratification.

Can Xerox do better? Yes, yes it can. After you name your toner cartridge (if it’s on the take back list), you can print out a label, slap it on a box, and send your toner to be recycled that very day. Convenient, easy, and free.

Neither Sharp nor Xerox has much to be ashamed of in today’s match. It’s been a close fight with good customer service and free recycling all around. Xerox has the edge in speed, while Sharp has the edge in conscientiousness, and because of that, it wins by a margin. The victory goes to Sharp! Next week, we’ll take a look at the winners and perhaps see which one will ultimately triumph in the Ring of Recycling.


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