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October 31, 2013

Vancouver, WA – Floor Graphics Improve Sales 30% – Case Study | Signage News

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Smart marketing is a crucial key to retail success.  It requires strategically planning for the next seasonal shopping event for customers. One local department store decided to try out floor graphics as a retail advertising tool just to see what effect it had on shoppers. The result? A 30% jump in sales!

A case study by Flexcon looked at Klem’s department store in Massachusetts and what the impact floor graphic advertising had on shoppers. Klem’s sells everything from home and garden supplies to work wear. The store used floor graphics to highlight Carhartt – a brand of work clothes. The large advertisements showcased the items and led to a 31% increase in sales.

floor graphics in department store

Klem’s decided to try the advertising again a year later on a different product line to see just what kind of effect it had on shoppers.  This second effort focused on Scott’s Miracle-Gro products. This time, the graphics were designed to be more interactive.  The bright colors led customers to products located at the back of the store. Employees remarked how children would run around and stomp on oversize insects incorporated into the floor designs. The graphics generated a 29% sales increase for Scott’s Miracle-Gro and sales for the gardening department overall increased 18%.

retail floor graphics

Floor graphics are a unique and effective way to highlight products. The large size generates interest in brands and captures the attention of busy shoppers.

In another example, our company worked with iQ Credit Union and produced floor graphics for one of their quarterly marketing promotions. Animal paw prints led customers throughout the branches and included messages about the services offered by the credit union. Fun and educational, the graphics were such a success that iQ used them a month longer than anticipated.

As we enter this busy season for both retailers and shoppers, savvy businesses will want to consider floor graphics as a component of their point-of-sale marketing plans. Vibrant floor graphics can promote new products, upsell to higher profit items and create a more rewarding shopping environment for your customers.

Contact us today if you are looking to use floor graphics or other point-of-sales displays to drive sales this holiday season.



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