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Step 1

After sign up you should have landed on your profile with a pop up that instructed you to watch the video with instructions to fill it out.  If you still need to fill in your profile, please watch the video below and return to the email you should have received with your login information.  If you need the email resent, please email us at support@cityscoop.us.

VIDEO: Filling Out Your Profile

Step 2

Get Start

Click the icon above to watch the GETTING STARTED VIDEO.  Instructions are included in the video, so please watch it from start to finish.  For quick reference, here are your tasks that need to be done before going live with your CityScoop blog.

1. Fill in the 2 drafts.
2. Create a new article.
3. Join a webinar.

Step 3

The next step is to join a webinar.  If you are having any issues, or have general questions, please join a webinar so we can help.

NOTE: If you are having trouble connecting please refresh/reload this page.

Tuesdays and Thursdays
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see some proof that the service works?

Absolutely.  Just scroll down to the PROOF OF PERFORMANCE section and take a look at some of the sample reports.  Under the heading is a link to a short video that goes over reading the reports and what to look for.  The main thing to look for is the number of top 10 rankings – that’s the first page.

How much does it cost?

There is a monthly option and an annual option.  If you pay for a full year up front, you’ll get 2 free months – 12 months for the price of 10.  There is no setup fee anymore, and you get 3 free months.  After the free trial ends, you’ll be billed $149.99 a month.  You can switch to the annual pay option at any time and save almost $300.

How do I get the free 90 day trial?

To get the free trial, just check out using the promo code FREE90DAYS.  It’s a 100% free trial.  At checkout you’ll be charged $.0.01 after applying the coupon code, then we’ll refund your card the 1 cent so it’s completely free.  After 90 days, your account will renew automatically at $149.99 a month.  Once your card is charged you still have 2 weeks to cancel and get a refund.  We want you to feel comfortable that there is no catch and that this is truly a free trial.

Do you have availability in my area?

We only accept 1 top rated business in each city per industry.  That means only 1 real estate agent, 1 plumber, 1 chiropractor, etc in each United States city.  To check for availability, go ahead and sign up.  If your city is already taken for your category, we’ll contact you about another opening we have where you can market your business.

How much time will I need to commit to this?

You don’t need to commit any time (except for signing up) if you subscribe to our add-on writing service for an extra $100 a month.  We can do everything for you.  But, if you post articles about your business yourself – the preferred option – you’ll only need to dedicate 1-2 hours or less using our easy blogging tools.  You can post a video blog right from your phone in less than 15 minutes.  

How does this service help my business?

We make it easy for people to find your business on search engines like Google who don’t already know your business.  We guarantee to create large scale 1st page rankings in just a few months, making it easy for people to find your business who search locally for a service provider.  Try searching for a auto repair shop in your city.  Does your auto repair business show up on the first page?  What about a BMW specialist?  What about a top rated chiropractor, massage therapist, real estate agent?….  Try searching for your business in your city and surrounding cities.  Does your business come up at the top time and time again?  If not, we can help.  

How do I cancel if I don't want to continue after the trial?

All you have to do to cancel is email us at support@cityscoop.us at any time and we will close your account.  We send you an email acknowledging that you wish to cancel and then you can confirm cancellation with a reply of YES I WISH TO CANCEL.

If the trial ends, and you get charged $149.99, you still have 2 weeks to email us to cancel and we’ll refund you the full $149.99.

Where can I update my billing information?

You can update your billing information at the link below.  Enter your new credit card info and check out.  We’ll charge you 1 cent ($0.01) so we can capture your credit card info and reverse the charge.  Then we’ll clear your balance and set up your recurring payment with the new card.


I have the older 'legacy' theme.  How do I download or access my ranking reports on desktop?

Watch this video on how to access your reports if you are using the legacy theme.  If you have the current theme, you’re reports are accessible from your CityScoop Dashboard.


How do I share my articles to my social media pages?

Watch the video below for how to share your articles to your social media profiles.  After writing and publishing an article, it only takes a few minutes to share it with our easy share buttons.