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April 21, 2022

Chandler, AZ – Rifle Classes Available for All Skill Levels | Gun Range News

Posted in: Industry News

One of the best things about shooting is it’s never too late to get started and there is always more to learn and improve. At C2 Tactical we fully believe this and have rifle classes available for all skill levels. We try to match shooters where they are through these offerings to help improve and advance skills at the pace best fit for them.

We have both onsite and offsite options for rifle classes. Our first onsite option in an Introduction to Carbine or Rifle 100. It focuses on the safe use of carbine platforms and covers the history and development of these firearms. It is designed for the very beginners who may have recently purchased this firearm and want to understand the basic use.

After that is the Carbine Fundamentals class, the second in the series which helps understand the basic techniques of the model. This course focuses more on using rifles in close-quarters personal protection in and outside the home. Specifically, this class offers classroom work for fundamentals, hands-on dry practice, and live-fire drills. The goal is to understand shooting safety and the basic capabilities you have with a rifle.

The final class in the fundamental set of three is Practical Carbine. It builds on the previous two courses to begin exposing beginners to more advanced techniques and practices. This includes advanced shooting positions, barrier transitions, suppressive fire techniques, and reloading on the move. Similar to the second course, there is one hour of class time studying and understanding the basics of these advancements and then 4 hours in the range putting them to practice and use.

Our offsite courses have some more options. First is our precision long range rifle three-course series. Each class is 8 hours long and focus on precision engagement of targets that have challenging equipment and ammunition-limitations. These classes get progressively more advanced in technique and practices to help you become the best long-range shooter you can be.

The second option offsite is our Defensive Carbine Operator course. This is designed for intermediate level shooters to apply their skills to an outdoor and practical environment. Shooters build on the fundamentals they know to learn how to manage the environment around them from arm’s length to hundreds of yards away. For those who want to learn transitional shooting or bilateral operations, this is the class meant for you.

The last option we offer is the Advanced Carbine Operator course. Just like the name suggests, this class is designed for advanced shooters who want to become rifle masters. There are high-pressure drills and exersizes that push students to their limits and apply everything they know. This course is specifically for advanced students so they can all focus on improving their small skills and don’t have to wait for beginners still in the fundamental stage.

Each course at C2 tactical is designed for shooters of different levels. It helps create a closer community to learn the art of shooting at the pace students find best together.

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