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April 19, 2022

Chandler, AZ – Reviewing the FNH 9MM FNS9 Handgun | Gun / Shooting Range News

Posted in: Industry News

The polymer framed FNS9 handgun produced by FNH was initially marketed to law enforcement, but like many firearms these days has found its way into civilian usage. Most reviews of this handgun compare it to the Glock 19 as they are quite similar; however, the FNS9 has its own unique features, so this review will be devoted to the handgun itself and reasons why it rightfully averages $50 more than the Glock.

First, the controls on this handgun are fully ambidextrous. This is becoming more and more popular in the firearm production industry but is a reason to heighten the prices. The grip has plenty of aggressive stippling to help with overall control and handling of the handgun no matter your hand dominance.

Like other striker fire handguns, the FNS9 has trigger safety, firing pin safety, and drop safety that engage. There is also a manual safety switch, but it’s not in the way of a traditional grip. It can be a bit stiff to engage, but disengaging is easy with the swipe of a thumb which is great for situations where adrenaline is coursing through your veins.

The trigger on this handgun has quite a generous guard. It is great for shooters with big fingers or who prefer wearing gloves. Additionally, it’s got a crisp break at 5.35 lbs. and a decent amount of take up. After firing, there is a bit of spring tension that helps to “push” the trigger finger forward and the reset easy. This also helps mitigate short stroke and complications with firing multiple rounds quickly.

The accuracy and reliability of this handgun do not deteriorate with time. This gun consistently shoots as accurate as it does out of the box with thousands of rounds put through it. However it should be noted that many shooters find the point of impact to be about 2 inches lower from the point of aim, but that can be an easy adjustment.

Just like it’s accuracy, this gun is extremely reliable. As long as it remains clean it shoots without absolutely zero problems, including for the shooters with the poorest of technique. This specifically helps make it a great gun for beginners, and all other levels.

The FNS9 has a flared magazine well which makes it easier and faster to swap magazines. Each magazine typically holds eighteen rounds (17+1), but they are on the more expensive side to refill with no third party manufactures making cheaper versions. The same thing goes for most of the aftermarket options of this handgun. There are very few options to find on the market that don’t come straight from FNH and range in the higher prices.

The last popular part of this handgun is the sights. It comes with the standard 3 dot, but have the optional night sights as well. They are crisp and easy to use with typical nighttime visibility. They are bright without being blinding and are easy to pick up in low-light and dark environments. Finally, the dot on the front site is much larger than the rear dots which help create quick acquisition.

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