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April 08, 2022

Tempe, AZ – Reviewing the Walther 9MM PPQ Pistol | Gun / Shooting Range News

Posted in: Industry News

The Walther PPQ pistol was originally designed for law enforcement. PPQ stands for police pistol quick defense, and it was meant to improve on the earlier P99 model. However, this model gained limited success within U.S. law enforcement and instead has migrated to civilian usage. This polymer striker handgun is small enough to be concealed but large enough for duty use.

The first thing most shooters notice is the need to adjust to a non-traditional grip for comfort and better control. If using a traditional firing grip, the point hump at the very bottom of the backstrap will dig into the back of your palm. Additionally, the tang of the grip means a very high grip on the gun will dig into the web on both hands. A non-traditional grip will feel odd at first, but it is very effective in helping control the recoil of the pistol.

There is a lot more recoil than most other pistols on the market. However, most of it is going up and down in the muzzle flip so newer shooters may find this more manageable than most other pistols where the recoil is absorbed straight back into the shooter. Like we mentioned, the enjoyment and satisfaction of shooting the PPQ depends on how adaptable shooters are to the non-traditional grip. If not, the recoil may seem a bit much and the shot might not be as good.

The good news is the texturing on this pistol is rubbery and much tackier than you would expect. It extends 360 degrees around the grip and is a consistent texture and appearance. This means grip strength is not compromised for the need to adapt a non-traditional grip for a good shot. Additionally, the texture is not so aggressive that it will rub on the skin if it is being concealed, as most of the time this it its function.

The trigger on this pistol has a fairly heavy pre-travel with an extremely light but crisp break. It is very easy to pull completely through the wall because the pre-travel is so much heavier than normal guns. Additionally, the rest of the controls are easy to maneuver. The magazine release is a push-button that is reversable and easy to reach from a firing position with rounded edges to make use even more comfortable. As well, the slide release is ambidextrous, huge, and easy to reach with the primary or support thumb.

The magazine is typically has 15 round capacity. One downside to this pistol is there are very few alternate magazine options unless you buy extended base plates as well. The sights are quite the opposite with options of standard plastic, three-dot with adjustable rear, or factory night sights, but they are not durable, and it’s suggested to switch them out for something aftermarket.

In sum, this pistol could be worth a look if you are in the market for a good shot and comfortable to conceal handgun. However, it’s important to remain open-minded to adjusting to a non-traditional grip, or else it’s not worth the investment.

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