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March 25, 2022

Chandler, AZ – Reviewing the HK 9 MM USP Pistol Reviewed | Shooting Range News

Posted in: Industry News

The HK 9MM USP Pistol is a firearm that is so satisfying to shoot, you shouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself emptying the ammo because your having too much fun to stop. It’s a great all-around pistol with lots of configurations to fit any user’s preferences such as varying dominant hand, safety options, decockers, LEM, and double action only. It is great for concealed and carry use, recreational shooting, or law enforcement applications.

This pistol is highly reliable and durable since it was a product of the 90s military and police-oriented development. This means it does have a somewhat blocky look and feel, with very little meant to be flashy about it. The controls are large and easy to use making this a great gun for shooters of any skill or size.

It’s polymer frame has two main grip textures. The front and back have a pyramid pattern to provide all the friction a shooter could want. The sides are more traditional with a low grit sandpaper that is stippling and very aggressive. This is what helps the gun stick the palm really well. Additionally, the grip angle is quite natural which helps with instinctual shooting adding to the “fun” aspect of this gun.

One of the most important parts of any firearm is the trigger and recoil when it’s shot. The HK USP has a double capture recoil assembly that reportedly helps to reduce the recoil. The fire control has 9 available modifications thanks to the pistol’s nature of beingly highly customizable. The trigger of the USP prioritizes reliability and safety over comfort and precision. The double-action option is long and heavy, but not so much that it feels unusual for the pistol, but the single action pull does weigh on the heavy side. Each action doesn’t heavily affect the shootability of the firearm.

The sights of the USP are black on black. The rear sight is adjustable to a near-microscopic level in order to compensate for environmental shooting factors like wind and elevation. This can only be done with a small screwdriver which allows shooters to dial in their point of impact to the greatest precision. The downfall is black-on-black sighting is fine for well-lit environments, if shooting in dim-lit or darker environments where many self-defense situations occur, this can be disadvantageous.

The safety is frame-mounted and is easy to use. It does require a bit of pressure to fully activate, but just like much of the rest of the gun, is built to high quality. The HK 9mm USP Pistol may be on the higher end of the pistol market pricing, but you can feel the quality that has been engineered into each part. With its 4.86” barrel, the pistol itself tends to be super accurate which is what helps this pistol maintain its all-around status including allowing persistence for somewhat competitive shooters.

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