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July 25, 2020

Sterling, VA – Customized Lobby Signs for Your Workplace in Loudon County

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Which type of lobby sign should you invest in your office lobby? Here are some great choices!

When it comes to making an office space as inviting as possible, customizing an attractive and creative lobby sign is a solid first step. After all, the first thing that a prospective client or employee will see when they enter your office is the reception area and the lobby sign that’s usually right behind the reception. This is why a lobby sign can either make or break the first impression that clients and employees have of your company. Hence, you need to invest in a lobby sign that can give a great first impression and impress your customers and employees.

With that said, different types of lobby signs convey different meanings. For instance, some signs give off a truly professional appearance, while some others give off a modern and creative appearance. However, there are just so many lobby signs out there that it can become a bit confusing to choose one that goes well with your company’s aesthetic and personality.

Here are some incredible types of lobby signs that you can choose from your office:Panel Signs

3D Letters

Using three-dimensional letters to create your lobby sign will surely make it stand out. Customized 3D signs have a professional and aesthetic appeal that’s unmatchable. Moreover, these 3D letters can be made in a wide array of colors, which means that you can easily design them in your business’s color scheme.

Illuminated Lobby Sign

If you want your lobby sign to have a truly modern appeal, then you need to invest in an illuminated lobby sign. Lightbox cabinets and channel letters scaled down to fit in a lobby are two of the most popular illuminated lobby sigs. You can also opt for painted acrylic logo boards with LED lights illuminating them from behind. The LED lights create a halo of illumination, which is quite magical and can be customized in any corporate color.

Wall Graphic

If you’re looking for a chic and pretty lobby sign, then look no further than wall graphics. They present you with a unique opportunity to present your company’s logo, name, andmotto or mission statement in an extended form. You can also incorporate some of the services that your company provides.

Panel Signs

The best thing about panel signs is that you can create them out of a wide range of materials such as foam, acrylic, and metal. What’s more is that these signs can be fashioned into any shape and form that you want, which opens up many creative customization options. This versatility also allows you to mold them in the shape of your logo, be it circular, hexagonal, etc.

If you’re looking for a contemporary look, then the transparent acrylic panel is surely a good choice. These signs often feature a frosted vinyl overlay at the back and printed letters at the front. Other good panel sign choices include a vinyl overlay at the front and dimensional letters made of acrylic.
PVC, or metal. Brushed aluminum standoffs go particularly well with this signage as they can fit into virtually any office space, without disrupting its aesthetic.

The aforementioned lobby sign varieties are all good options that you can use as your lobby sign.

If you want customized, durable, and versatile lobby signs, then visit our website today!

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