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July 06, 2020

Sterling, VA – The Most Popular Types of Illuminated Signs You Should Know

Posted in: Industry News

Do you want to lighten up your storefront with illuminated signage? Explore the most popular illuminated signs available out there.

Using illuminated signage for your business is an effective way to make an impact on passersby as well as stand out from the competition. If you operate during the nights, illuminated signage is what you need to attract customers.

When it comes to choosing an illuminated signage option, you have a variety of signage types to choose from. Here are the different types of illuminated signs that you can choose from:Backlit Signs

Monochrome LED Signs

When it comes to illuminated signage, LED signs require no introduction. These are traditional types of illuminated signs and affordable versions of digital display signs. Displaying text in a single color, they are energy efficient as well as possess anextended lifespan.

Even though they are more expensive than neon lights, they remain one of the most economical signage options on the market. If you’re looking to make a bright and colorful impression but have a limited budget, monochrome LED signs are an ideal choice for you.

Digital Signs

These signs make use of a screen to deliver your marketing messages to customers. There’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to portraying these screens. For instance, you can use pylon signs or monument signs to hold them. You may even mount them on walls or display them as freestanding signs.

The most important feature that helps them stand out from the rest is the number of programmable options they offer. Anything you display through these signs can be easily altered, which means you aren’t restricted to displaying permanent information.

You are free to use digital signs to display announcements, special offers, product images, and even animated product videos. With digital signage, you have peace of mind that your message won’t be missed.

Backlit Signs

Also known as cabinet signs or lightbox signs, backlit signs feature an internal light source to light up the sign’s translucent panels. The translucent panels are customizable and allow you to modify your company name, logo, contact, address, and other information on the signage.

Since they are available in a variety of different sizes and can be customized to align with a brand, they prove valuable for a variety of exterior and interior applications such as bars, churches, gas stations, schools, and storefronts.

Halo Lit Channel Letter Signs

These are illuminated letter signs with extra internal lighting. These feature individual letters that are created from metal. LED halo lights create a halo effect around the signage.

What makes them desirable is their versatility. They make an impact on your customers and help you save a lot of energy. They are available in different shapes and you can program the lighting to alter the colors and effects of the signs.

To learn more about illuminate signage options, get in touch with BeBold Signs.

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