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June 15, 2020

Sterling, VA – Creative Ways to Use Graphics in Your Office, Shop or Restaurant

Posted in: Industry News

Not sure how to brand your office, shop or restaurant? These creative ways to use graphics will take your branding practices to the next level.

A child’s bedroom isn’t the only place for wall graphics. Well-designed graphics installed in restaurants, shops, or offices can add a lot of value to your business, especially if they are unique and creative.Walls

Colorful and elegant-looking graphics can spruce up the interior of your business facility, keeping employees motivated and attracting more customers and clients. If you’re looking to install graphics in your restaurant or shop, here are some creative ideas for you:

Place them on the Floors

Floor graphics are an effective way to startle the visitors as they walk past your business facility. Thin, non-skid vinyl sheets are perfect for cement, wood, tile, and other flooring options.

Make an Impact With Wall Murals

Another creative way to use graphics is to completely cover a wall with wall murals. These are large graphics used to depict captivating scenes that convey your branding message. If you’re looking to make a strong impact on your visitors, wall murals are perfect for you.

Leverage Etched Glass Vinyl

If you’re looking to incorporate creativity into signage for your office’s executive or conference rooms, etched glass vinyl is a great option. Etched vinyl glass are vinyl graphics placed on glass walls in offices to enhance their appearances. They give off a professional look and enhance productivity.

 Lettering on Walls

Using lettering to display your business name, core values, and mission statement in the lobby, hallways, or reception is a creative way to make the desired impact on visitors and clients. If you value simplicity, lettering is an ideal solution for you.

Wayfinding Graphics

If your business is located in an office building with multiple companies, you may already be looking for wayfinding solutions to help your clients find your business as well as important areas within your office such as restrooms, cafeteria, etc.

A creative way to direct visitors around the office is to use graphics. Vinyl directional signs are a great solution that maximize customer satisfaction in your business facility.

Use Wall Graphics

Using colors is a great way to control and influence the composure of individuals in your office or restaurant. Why have plain walls when you can lighten up the mood of the viewers using vinyl graphics in your business facility?

Use bright colors for wall graphics. For instance, using yellow color wall graphics in an office helps motivate the employees, encouraging them to work harder.

If you want creative graphic options for your business, get in touch with BeBold Sign Studio or visit their website.

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