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September 07, 2021

Hartford, CT – Custom Post & Panel Sign Project for Local Historic Building

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Post & Panel Sign

Are post and panel signs a must for historic buildings?

Yes – G-force Signs & Graphics demonstrates why.

Custom post and panel signs make that critical first impression of your business on prospective customers before they even interact with you. Not only are they versatile enough to meet your specific needs but they’re also highly affordable so as to stay within your budget. Since they’re standalone signs installed on the ground, they’re often placed away from the business facility to help customers find your business.

If you’re looking for high-impact custom post and panel signs, you’ve come to the right place. At G-force Signs & Graphics, we’ve helped numerous businesses improve their visibility through eye-catching post and panel signs. One of them is The Meeting House in Hartford, CT. Read on to learn how we exceeded their expectations.

About The Meeting House

The Meeting House is one of the two historic buildings that belong to the First Church of Christ in Hartford, which is also known as the Center Church. Registered as a National Historic Landmark, it serves the city and the congregation as an event and worship place.

Let’s now take a look at how we tackled the post and panel project for The Meeting House.Panel Sign

Custom Post and Panel Signs for The Meeting House

The client from The Meeting House reached out to us for an interpretive sign that showcases a timeline for the historic building. It was entirely upon us to decide which type of sign should be used. The client did mention, however, that it should be something that every passerby on the busy street can easily view.

Instead of jumping on to the designing phase, we took the time to understand what the historic landmark is all about, the type of people the client wants to target, and what exactly needs to be communicated to the viewers. The rest of our work was all based on the insights we obtained.

Ultimately, we decided to use a highly durable high-pressure laminate panel. We had tried it for multiple other interpretive signs in Hartford, each of which proved largely successful. Quite impressively, high-pressure laminate panels are among the most durable signage options on the market. Not only can easily withstand all types of extreme weather conditions, but they are also resistant to graffiti.

As expected, the client absolutely loved our product. And to our relief, the laminate panels that made up the custom post and panel signs performed better than expected. As seen in the pictures, the sturdy sign stands there providing fascinating insights about the building.

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By now, you should have obtained a fair idea about the quality of work we’re capable of delivering. Whether you’re a startup striving to build brand awareness or are an established company aspiring to become the market leader, rely on our stunning post and panel signs to achieve your goals. To obtain a quote, contact G-Force Signs & Graphics today!

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