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Maximum size 10MB - Typically this is a photo of the owner for when news is posted. It helps create a relationship with the community. If the shop is run by a couple, it is a good idea to have a photo of the couple together.

All news will be written by a ghostwriter under the name of the owner of the shop. You can use a pen name instead of your name if you prefer.

Provide a short bio about yourself. Include items that will help make a connection with the community and an overview of your business such as (a) How long you have been in business, (b) What are your main products/services, (c) Your previous work experience, (d) Any hobbies of interest, (e) Any community involvement of note.

The news created about your business will also be shared to your Facebook business page. This will increase interest and engagement within the Facebook community and increase exposure on Google. We need access so we can share the news to your Facebook business page. Paste the link to your Facebook business page and we'll send you a friend request. Once we're friends, please invite info@cityscoop.us to your Facebook business page as an admin. Click here for a 3 minute instruction guide on adding users with roles to your Facebook business page.

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