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May 09, 2022

Overland Park, KS – Common AC Repair Issue: Replace Capacitors | HVAC News

Posted in: Industry News

If your air conditioner is having trouble starting up, it may be time to replace the capacitors. It is a common issue in Overland Park, KS, and one that our Mission Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling team can help you with.

Our experts will come to your home, diagnose the problem, and provide a solution that fits your needs. We understand that replacing capacitors can be a big job, so we offer financing options and free estimates.

If you’re in Overland Park, KS, and need help with your air conditioner, give us a call today!

What Is a Capacitor of AC?

A capacitor of AC is an electrical component that helps store and release electrical energy. It has two plates made of metal separated by a dielectric material, such as paper or plastic.

When it is connected to a source of power, it stores electrical energy in the form of an electrostatic field between the two metal plates. The capacitor can release this stored energy back into the circuit when the power source is removed. They are used in various applications, from powering electric motors to filtering unwanted voltage spikes in electronic devices.

In an air conditioner, it is used to help start the compressor. The compressor is a large electric motor that pumps refrigerant through the AC system. It provides a boost of energy to the compressor when it first starts up, which helps it overcome any resistance in the system and get started.

If this component fails, the compressor will not be able to start, and the AC system will not be able to cool your home.

Why Do Capacitors Fail? 

Capacitors can fail for several reasons, but the most common cause is age. Over time, the dielectric material between the two metal plates will break down and allow electricity to leak through. This process is accelerated by heat and vibration, which are present in an air conditioner.

Another common cause of failure is voltage spikes. These spikes can be caused by lightning strikes, power surges, or other electrical problems. When the component is exposed to too much voltage, it can fail immediately.

How to Tell if a Capacitor Is Failing?

There are a few signs that can indicate that a capacitor is failing.

One of the most common is if your air conditioner takes longer than usual. If it used to take a few seconds for the compressor to start, but now it takes several minutes, this could be a sign that it is failing.

Another sign is if the compressor makes a buzzing or humming noise when trying to start. It is caused by the capacitor struggling to provide enough energy to the compressor.

If you notice either of these signs, it’s essential to call a professional as soon as possible. A failing capacitor can cause severe damage to your air conditioner, and replacing it is a complex job that should only be done by a trained professional.

Replacing a Capacitor 

While it is possible to replace the capacitor in an AC unit, it is generally advisable to call a professional.

A trained technician will have the tools and expertise necessary to properly diagnose the problem and ensure that the new capacitor is correctly installed. In addition, a professional will be able to spot other potential issues with the AC unit and make any necessary repairs.

Calling a professional to replace the component in an AC unit may cost more upfront, but it will likely save money in the long run by preventing further damage to the unit.

Call us now if you’re in Overland Park, KS, and need assistance with your air conditioner. Our Mission Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling team can replace the capacitor in your AC unit and have it working like new again.

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