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Scottsdale, AZ – FAQs About PEMF Services from Local Sports Chiropractors

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is an innovative treatment that employs targeted magnetic fields to interact with tissues deep within the body. At FIX Medical Group of Scottsdale, AZ, we use PEMF to jumpstart the body’s natural healing capacities, accelerating recovery and enhancing wellness. But what exactly is PEMF, and why are more and more pe…

Arcadia, AZ – Sports Chiropractor Offers Chiropractic Services for Whiplash

Whiplash injuries can happen in an instant but leave behind lasting pain and discomfort. At FIX Medical Group of Scottsdale, AZ, our sports chiropractor understands the impact these injuries have on quality of life. We provide personalized care plans focused on gently realigning the neck and spine to alleviate acute symptoms while also addressing the root ca…

Scottsdale, AZ – Overview: Spinal Decompression Therapy from Sports Chiropractor

Living with chronic back or neck pain can greatly reduce your quality of life. But surgery and pain medications come with risks. At FIX Medical Group of Scottsdale, AZ, we offer a proven, non-surgical treatment called spinal decompression therapy. Our specialized technology gently stretches your spine to relieve pressure on discs and nerves. This promotes na…

Scottsdale, AZ – Overview of PEMF Services from a Physical Therapy Clinic

At FIX Medical Group in Scottsdale, Arizona, we offer cutting-edge pain relief and wellness treatments to help you feel your best. One of our most innovative offerings is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, or PEMF. This non-invasive treatment uses targeted magnetic fields to stimulate cellular healing throughout the body. The results are remarkable - both…

Phoenix AZ – Importance of Visiting a Chiropractor for Neck Pain Relief Services

If you suffer from ongoing neck pain in Phoenix or Scottsdale, it can greatly impact your quality of life. At FIX Medical Group of Scottsdale, AZ, our team of experienced chiropractors understand the discomfort and limitations neck pain causes. We provide customized chiropractic care focused on delivering lasting relief. What Causes Neck Pain There are man…

Arcadia, AZ – Benefits of Visiting Sports Chiropractor for Back Pain Relief

Back pain is a common issue affecting athletes and physically active individuals in Arcadia, AZ. While traditional medical treatments offer relief, visiting a sports chiropractor at FIX Medical Group of Scottsdale can provide specialized care tailored to your unique needs. Targeted Diagnosis and Treatment Sports chiropractors possess a deep understandi…

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