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July 20, 2020

Santa Rosa, CA – Maximize Your BMW’s Gas Mileage With the Below-Mentioned Tips

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MW's Gas Mileage

Wondering how to maximize your BMW’s gas mileage? Follow these incredible tips!

There’s arguably nothing as annoying as having to fill your vehicle’s gas tank over and over again when you’re on a road trip. This happens when your car is consuming way more fuel than it should be consuming. To avoid this struggle, you need to improve your car’s fuel efficiency.

Use the following tips to improve your BMW’s fuel efficiency:

Keep Your Car in Top ShapeBackseat AC

Make sure to keep your vehicle maintained at all times. Change the oil when it starts turning black, keep your tires inflated, and timely replace clogged air filters to make sure that your vehicle remains in top shape. The occasional tune-up and service of your BMW will ensure that everything continues to work well, which will improve your gas mileage. If you have an electric car, then make sure to keep it fully charged and use the ECO PRO mode so that it consumes less fuel.

Avoid Aggressive Driving

Avoid trying to overtake every car on the road, particularly when you’re driving over 50 mph or going uphill. This is because it can lead to a lot of gas consumption. When driving on the highway, try to use the cruise control to keep your BMW at a constant speed. This is because if you accelerate rapidly, you will end up consuming more fuel. Additionally, when you find yourself at a red light, consider turning the engine off to save gas. Also, always watch out for obstacles and brake gently.

Get Rid of the Excess Weight

Unless you’re heading on a road trip, you don’t need to fill your vehicle up needlessly. So, make sure to remove that rooftop cargo carrier. When you remove the extra weight, you will effectively prevent your car from dragging, which will improve its overall performance and fuel efficiency.

Manage Your Time Effectively

You can save your fuel and time if you simply plan your trip before hitting the road. So, make sure to plan a trip that allows you to complete all of your errands in one go so that you don’t end up burning more fuel. A planned trip will also prevent you from idling around in your car and allow you to get to your destination quickly.

Always Consider the Weather

During the summer, make sure that you don’t put the AC on for extended periods as it will use up a lot of gas. Only use the AC when driving at fast speeds or when you’re on the highway. Otherwise, lower the windows and let some fresh air in.

Additionally, make sure to park under a shade to keep your car’s internal temperature cool. This will reduce the need to turn on the AC. If you’re driving an EV during warmer months, consider precooling your cabin while you’re charging the battery.

When using your car during the winters, make sure to park in a warm area such as a garage. This will keep your engine and the interior of your vehicle at a comfortable and relatively warm temperature. Additionally, don’t use the heater or defroster unless completely necessary. If you have an EV, then consider preheating the cabin while charging the battery.

Make sure to follow the aforementioned tips to maximize your BMW’s gas mileage. Also, choose a car that provides excellent gas mileage and keep it well-maintained.

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