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July 06, 2020

Santa Rosa, CA – Spring Clean Your Vehicle With the Tips Mentioned Below

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Do you want to clean your car? Here is what you need to do.

We all tend to get super excited when spring starts. We look forward to going on amazing road trips and fun socializing activities. All these things compel us to clean our cars, and make them look good before we hit the road. Car cleaning isn’t a fun activity. However, it is better to start the new season with a cleaner car. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some spring cleaning tips for your car.Brush the Mats

So, let’s get started.

Brush and Vacuum the Interior Surfaces

Get hold of a gentle, fine and clean brush. Now, very gently remove the dirt from the interior surfaces of your vehicle. Some of the areas which need utmost attention include the crevices, buttons, cushions, as well as the ventilation areas. Make sure you get rid of all the used tissue paper, paper plates, cups, wrappers and cola bottles. The items that do remain within your car, such as gum, sunglasses and clickers, should be well organized. After removing the dirt, debris and trash, make sure you top everything up with a nice air-freshener.

Brush the Mats

To get rid of the grime that winter brings, the mats need to be cleaned thoroughly. For this, fetch a hard-bristled brush and with powerful strokes get rid of all the loose dirt from the mats. Doing so, you will remove the dirt and debris that have been trapped between the fibers of your mats. After brushing, make sure you vacuum the carpet. This will leave your mats with a nice dirt-free look.

Wash the Tires

The tires are crucial components of your car, and therefore, they too must be washed, as part of your spring cleaning routine. The cleaning products that you use shouldn’t contain any acid or harsh chemicals. For effective cleaning, use a hard-bristled brush, and a toothbrush for smaller areas. With the right brushes, and safe to use chemicals, you will give your tires the look that they deserve.

Wash the Exterior

Your car’s body needs a thorough wash. This will not only give your car a sleek look but will also protect the paint job. For detailed cleaning of the car’s exterior, hand-washing is the perfect technique. Most people make the mistake of applying a detergent or any other cleaning product instead of a specific car cleaning product. After washing, dry the car’s body with clean and dry cloth.

Clean the Windows

To prevent them from getting dirty, the windows should be cleaned at the end. Don’t use a standard glass-cleaner on the windows as it is too harsh. As far as the cleaning material is concerned, it is better to go for microfiber, as it doesn’t leave behind any streaks.

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