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June 29, 2020

Santa Rosa, CA – Use These Tips to Maintain the Cooling System in Your Car

Posted in: Industry News

Do you suspect an issue with your car’s cooling system? Here are some maintenance tips that will help you on the way.

It almost seems ironic how we never pay any attention to the cooling system of our car. We don’t even spare a minute to think whether or not the cooling system needs maintenance. Some of the key components that are on top of our car maintenance list include the brakes, tires, and the oil. However, if you are smart, you will add the cooling system to this checklist.oil

A cooling system that is clean and properly maintained is good for two reasons. First of all, a clean cooling system lasts longer and it keeps costly repairs at bay, thus helping you save money. In this article, we will give you some tips on maintaining the cooling system of your car. But before that, let’s discuss how a cooling system works.

Car’s Cooling System: How Does It Work

In all the cooling systems, a cooling circuit runs through the head and the engine block, which are sealed using a gasket. The coolant or the antifreeze is circulated through a pump and coolant hoses. The coolant goes through the engine as well as the radiator. The outside air tends to cool the coolant, thus removing the heat from the engine. This cycle tends to continue, thus keeping your car cool, regardless of the weather and the temperature.

Cooling System Maintenance

Now that we have talked about the car’s cooling system, let’s discuss some of the cooling system maintenance tips.

A cooling system that is clean doesn’t fall prey to dust and debris, and therefore, there is no blockage or clogging. Here are a few ways to maintain the cooling system of your car and make sure that it is running perfectly.

  • Make sure to keep an eye on coolant consumption and leakages.
  • Regularly check the coolant level, and top it up if required.
  • Test the coolant, especially during the cold winter months.
  • Make sure the coolant isn’t rusty or discolored. If it is, get the cooling system checked for corrosion.
  • After every five years, make sure to flush theentire cooling system. You must remember that the five year figure is just an estimate. The cooling system needs flushing whenever your car hits the 30,000 miles mark, which could be before or after five years.
  • Don’t overload your car
  • Check your radiator regularly

Maintenance of your cooling system is very important if you want to enhance the lifespan of your car. To benefit from the best BMW maintenance and repair services in Santa Rosa, CA, feel free to visit our website and get in touch with our professionals today.

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