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June 15, 2020

Santa Rosa, CA – Solutions to Alternator Bracket Seal Failure | Auto Repair News

Posted in: Industry News

The elite reputation of BMWs in the automotive industry can’t be denied. Its sleek, stylish models and superior performance keep car enthusiasts captivated around the world. Yet, it’s not totally immune to the various issues that vehicles develop over time, which is why you must keep an eye out to track any problems and address them before they get more complicated.Mechanic

A common problem in BMW’s is the failure of the alternator bracket seal. The issue has been reported by a considerable number of BMW owners. What’s so daunting about this issue is that the repair process can take around 5 hours or more for even the most skilled mechanics to complete.

In order to help you out, we’ll discuss some solutions to the problem t:

Resolving Alternator Bracket Seal Failure

If you detect an oil leak, chances are that your alternator bracket seal may have malfunctioned. Even if there’s no oil leak, an unusual drop in oil pressure should be enough to alert you of the problem. Sometimes, the dashboard’s oil-pressure lights or check-engine enlightens you of the problem.

If you detect any of the signs above, get your BMW inspected for a faulty seal by a professional who deals in German cars.

To deal with an alternator bracket seal failure, you will have to remove large components of your BMW engine, which is why you need a professional who has the necessary skills and equipment to fix the gaskets. Because the process involves the removal of the engine mount, it’s more complicated and lengthier than most vehicle owners might think.

When you get your faulty alternator seal repaired, don’t forget to apply an extra sealant as extra protection against future oil leaks. Plus, you need to not only lower the front but also take out the alternator, the drive belt, the underbody shields, and the suspension components.

Assuming that you’re an expert BMW repairer with all the necessary tools, follow these steps to remove the parts:

Step 1: Take out the alternator

Step 2: Pull out the power steering pump

Step 3: Undo all motor mounts

Step 4: Elevate the engine a few inches using a jack

Step 5: Detach the front axles and the front drive shaft

Step 6: Remove the differential to put it out of your way

Step 7: Loosen the bolts near the alternator

Step 8: Take out the alternator bracket.

Whom Should You Contact When Your BMW’s Alternator Seal Fails?

If you aren’t a skilled BMW mechanic, you certainly can’t put your vehicle at risk by attempting to deal with the problem yourself. North Bay Bavarian, one of the oldest BMW specialists in Santa Rosa, is the perfect choice if you want to repair your alternator bracket seal.

While there are other BMW service providers in the region, the skills, expertise, and service of North Bay Bavarian are simply unmatched due to their dedication to provide an extraordinary service.

To repair your BMW’s alternator bracket seal, contact us today.

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