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August 20, 2021

San Leandro, CA – Skate Shop News: Felipe Nunes “Limitless”: Instant Classic

Posted in: Videos

Birdhouse Skateboards (originally Birdhouse Projects) is a skateboard company formed by ex-Powell Peralta professional skateboarders Tony Hawk and Per Welinder in 1992. They have always tried to push skateboarding forward with innovations and cutting edge marketing. They have outdone themselves with their recent addition to the Birdhouse family.

Felipe Nunes, who just launched a jaw dropping part, hailing from Curitiba Paraná, Brazil, he lost his legs at age six in a train accident. But by age 13 he had found freedom and a creative outlet in skateboarding and quickly began gaining recognition from the global skateboarding community. In a short four-year window, Felipe won multiple contests, receiving a nod from Tony Hawk to officially turn pro for the Birdhouse team and landing a coveted Thrasher Magazine cover. Felipe’s mantra is simple: “No excuses!” It’s a concept he applies to every facet of his life. His goal is to inspire people through skateboarding and promote positivity within the skate community wherever he goes. And he’s not taking that statement lightly; His aspirations include competing in the 2024 Paralympics, as adaptive skateboarding looks to be added to the mix.

His new part is a mind bender, an action packed thriller and a heartfelt piece with emotions you might not be sure what to do with. Banger tricks on famous spots, tech ledges, huge gap tricks and gut wrenching bails, this part has it all, even a vert trick with the Birdman himself! Very early on you almost forget that you are watching someone with a major disability, hucking down sets and charging full speed with utter reckless abandon, Felipe really goes for it. He sends tricks down big rails that most skaters wouldn’t even try and sends them proper. Stamping his name on historical spots and crushing your excuses to bits, Felipe is an absolute monster. So much fun to watch!!

Give this part a peep and prepare to sweep your jaw off the floor.

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