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December 20, 2021

Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary – Does Vaping Always Include Nicotine? | Vaping

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Vaping is a term that refers to the act of inhaling vapor from an e-cigarette or other personal electronic smoking device. The word vape can also refer to the liquid inside the device which, in most cases, contains nicotine and flavoring. Although vaping does not always include nicotine, it is important for those who want to use this alternative method of smoking to know what they are getting themselves into before trying it out.

The 7 Types of Nicotine Found in Vaping

  • Nicotine salts – These work by allowing the user’s body to absorb more nicotine into their bloodstream over time as opposed to quickly like other products. It works especially well if someone has been using tobacco products for decades because their bodies already know how to absorb nicotine in this way.
  •  Freebase – This is similar to the salts, but it makes use of other chemicals so that the user can get more nicotine into their system faster than if they used salt forms or regular freebase types. It’s typically only found in cigarettes and cigars though because it has been shown to be responsible for some major health issues when vaping too much. The best advice would be to stay away from this form entirely!
  •  Nicotine polacrilex – Also known as gum, lozenges, or candy; these are designed specifically for people who want an easy way to control how much nicotine they ingest at any given time instead of using traditional smoking products like cigarettes and pipes which provide a much higher dose. They are also great for people who may not be able to afford vaping products full-time!
  •  Nicotine transdermal patch – This is a similar product to gum or lozenges, but it’s much larger and designed more like bandages instead of small candy pieces meant to dissolve in your mouth after use. It works by releasing gradually increasing amounts of nicotine into the user’s bloodstream over several hours at a time rather than all at once like cigarettes do when you inhale them.
  • Nicotine inhaler – These look exactly like traditional cigarette holders with filters on their ends except that they don’t contain any tobacco within them; just pure liquid nicotine instead which turns into vapor as soon as it’s inhaled.
  •  Nicotine nasal spray – This is a highly concentrated form of nicotine that you can use to get the effects of cigarettes without having an actual cigarette in your hand! You typically have to buy it from a doctor, however, because there are some risks associated with using this kind of product too much or not properly as directed on the label. Talk to your physician for more information if you think that this would be something that might work for you though!
  • Inhalers – These look identical to cartridges used by vaping devices and contain pure liquid nicotine instead; they simply aren’t designed so they vaporize their contents once inside the body as traditional e-cig tanks do. They come preloaded into a cartridge and are extremely easy to use even though they can be a little expensive.

If you are looking for a way to quit smoking cigarettes, vaping might be the answer. But does it always include nicotine?  The 7 types of nicotine found in vaping can help keep your cravings at bay and may even replace traditional cigarettes entirely.


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