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September 06, 2021

Mary Jane’s CBD – How Often Can I Smoke CBD Cigarettes? | CBD Cigarettes

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CBD has become a popular alternative to smoking cigarettes. For those who smoke, it’s important to know how often they can use CBD and still get the full benefits of the product. If you’re wondering how often you should be using your CBD cigarette or if you’re looking for more information about this topic, keep reading!

How Often Can I Smoke CBD Cigarettes?

First and foremost, CBD has to be smoke-free. Just because it’s available in the form of a cigarette doesn’t mean you can have as many cigarettes as your heart desires – there are limits! If this is something that interests you, keep reading for more information on what those limitations might look like.

The first limit will depend on how much CBD is in a single puff of an e-cigarette (which isn’t always easy to measure). For example, if your CBD was mixed at 40% concentration with 60% THC then one puff would contain 0.025 milligrams which means you could only take four puffs before exceeding the recommended dose tolerance level of 15 mg per day. But don’t worry – this is where CBD dosage becomes a little more flexible.

The second limit will depend on how you want to use your CBD cigarettes. If it’s for medical purposes then the lower dose should be enough, but if you’re using it recreationally then up to half of an e-cigarette could work – meaning one puff per hour max! And even that might not be necessary depending on who you are and what your tolerance level is like. We recommend trying different dosages until you find something that works well with your lifestyle and makeup as everyone responds differently when taking these medications.

What Do You need To Know About How Often Can I Smoke CBD Cigarettes?

If a cigarette contains 20% THC (which would usually result in a much stronger effect) and you were taking one puff per minute then your CBD dosage would be 0.003 milligrams – which isn’t enough to get any medicinal benefits.

Some people prefer vaping over smoking when it comes to their nicotine intake because of the lack of harmful smoke that might come with cigarettes, but others still like the way they feel about tobacco products for whatever reason so there are also e-cigarettes made just for those people as well! These should have varying levels of CBD concentration, meaning you could easily take more puffs without exceeding the 15 mg limit.

In order to stay safe while using these THC inhalers or vaporizers (depending on what type of device you’re using), we always recommend starting with the lowest dosage and going up from there. And if you find that vaping isn’t for you, don’t worry! There are other ways to medicate without smoking such as tinctures or capsules which might be a better option depending on what your needs are like.

Some people love smoking CBD cigarettes because they can be used anywhere. However, the effects of one cigarette last only a few hours and are not as potent as other methods of consumption such as vaping or eating edibles (although these have their own downsides). If you want to smoke CBD, we recommend using it in conjunction with another product like vaporizer pens that allow for more control over dosage and potency. We hope this blog post helps answer your questions about how often you should use CBD–if there’s anything else you need help understanding, just get in touch!

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