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July 19, 2021

Can CBD Hurt My Pet’s Liver? | San Antonio, Texas – Evans Road CBD Store

Posted in: Industry News

The original study, which claimed that CBD elevated liver enzymes, was done by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and published in the medical journal Molecules. The effect of various dose amounts on mice was studied by researchers, who scaled the recommended dosage quantity for people. The study discovered that mice given larger doses of CBD developed liver damage within 24 hours, with 75 percent of them on the verge of death within days.

The study had one major flaw: it was conducted with Epidiolex, an FDA-approved CBD isolate, and the dosage was quite high. Epidiolex isn’t a full spectrum hemp extract, thus the entourage effect isn’t there, and the dosages are intentionally misleading.


Is It Possible To Give Epidiolex To Pets?

While the FDA has the authority to prohibit off-label usage of medications in animals, it has not done so in the case of Epidiolex. The medicine would also need to be cleared by the DEA because it contains CBD, which is a federally classified prohibited substance.

Epidiolex can now be prescribed to dogs by veterinarians. However, most only do so in the most severe cases of epilepsy, not as a first-line treatment. However, unlike people, no insurance covers this drug, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars a year for a medium-sized dog.


What Makes Epidiolex Different From CBD from a Cannabis Store?

This is an excellent and crucial question! Epidiolex is a CBD isolate with a single molecule. Whole-plant cannabinoids are used in all other CBD oils, tinctures, and other products. CBD from the whole plant, also known as full-spectrum CBD, has been shown to be more helpful for a wide range of ailments.

With severe epileptic cases, however, a highly specific CBD molecule was found to be more beneficial. Epidiolex was created by isolating a single molecule version of CBD and patenting it for distribution.


Is Epidiolex Available As An Over-The-Counter Pet CBD Product?

Certainly not. Epidiolex is not available as an over-the-counter CBD for pets. Both for financial reasons and for the sake of consistency – and this does not include the prescribed treatment element. However, it’s worth mentioning that the quality of CBD utilized in your pet’s CBD product is quite crucial.



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