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June 28, 2021

Will CBD Kill My Dog? | San Antonio, Texas – Evans Road – CBD and Tobacco Store

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CBD by itself will not kill a dog in amounts that are close to those used for therapeutic purposes. Of course, if your dog is on other medications or has a disease that prevents them from properly metabolizing pharmaceuticals, cannabidiol should only be used under veterinary care. Always see a trained animal specialist before starting your pet’s CBD regimen.

The term CBD is currently being used to refer to any product that contains cannabidiol, not only cannabidiol itself. These items may contain a variety of components, some of which may be dangerous to your dogs. Double-check the components and have your veterinarian look over the facts before administering your animals cannabidiol products. To confirm the purity and efficacy of your chosen product, you must also follow down lab-test results.


3 Ways CBD Can Be Dangerous or Lethal To Dogs


  • THC-contained CBD is harmful to dogs.

THC is present in a trace proportion in the vast majority of CBD products on the market. While a modest amount of THC isn’t hazardous to humans, dogs are more susceptible to THC poisoning.

While many dogs may never react to such a small dose of THC, experts have found that some dogs react intensely to it. As a result, experts advise only using products that are completely free of THC.


  • Always double-check heavy metals testing, microbial analysis, and pesticides.

Because of hemp’s unique propensity to draw toxins from the environment, toxin testing is extremely critical for hemp-based products. Hemp was once employed by farmers near Chernobyl following the 1986 nuclear tragedy because of its feature.

In addition to heavy metal testing for chemicals like lead, a microbiological investigation for the presence of salmonella and E. coli should be reviewed. Finally, you’ll want to see test results that indicate your product is pesticide-free. Pesticides from neighboring crops can infect even organically cultivated hemp.


  • Never use CBD products with artificial flavorings.

Because CBD has become so popular in the human market, firms have begun to flavor their goods with artificial and sugar-free flavorings to make them more appealing to consumers. Unfortunately, many pet owners are unaware of the dangers that sugar-free chemicals like xylitol pose to their pets.

Experts advise avoiding companies who sell artificially flavored CBD products, even if they provide a xylitol-free pet version, due to the serious dangers of xylitol. It’s just too easy for a product to be labeled incorrectly.


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