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June 21, 2021

How Can CBD Help My Pet? | San Antonio, Texas – Evans Road – CBD Store

Posted in: Industry News

Why would we maintain our pets in the first place if they didn’t mean something to us? They have an uncanny ability to fill us with love, joy, and laughter. They forgive and forget quickly, are loyal, and are always excited to see us. They never judge us. As a result, when your pet becomes ill, it might be disastrous. It’s easy to feel sad, even despondent, when you see these adorable four-legged creatures suffer. It’s no surprise, then, that current study on CBD for pets including cats, dogs, and horses, which suggests that this cannabinoid can help treat a variety of ailments, has piqued the curiosity of animal lovers.


Here are some of the conditions that CBD can help with in your pets:


  • CBD Oil and Anxiety

Behavioral or situational anxiety can affect pets. In the majority of situations, your pet will experience situational anxiety, particularly during thunderstorms, when traveling, or during festival season, when everyone is dressed up in “scary” costumes. CBD oil’s soothing and calming properties have been demonstrated to be particularly helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. In humans, CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety during public speaking, anxiety in both healthy and anxious persons, as well as the ability to reduce anxiety in those with panic disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). When it comes to behavioral anxiety in pets, such as separation anxiety and aggression, you may need professional assistance, since CBD for dogs treatment alone may not be enough.


  • CBD and Pain Management

CBD is a very effective anti-pain drug, according to current studies, to the point where experts are evaluating it as a new class of chronic pain treatment. CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects are mostly responsible for this. As a result, the chemical has been discovered to be helpful in lowering nerve-related discomfort by lowering the pain signals sent by the afflicted cells. It can help reduce systemic inflammation, even in patients with severe pancreatitis and inflammatory bowel disease. Pet owners have begun giving their furry family members the same therapy, and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. CBD can considerably improve the quality of life for your pet if it is suffering from any type of chronic discomfort.


  • CBD and Cardiovascular Health

Dr. Bassingthwaighte observed that giving CBD to your pet improves their cardiovascular system. CBD is efficient in minimizing the damage produced by a blood vessel injury as well as protecting the blood vessel walls from additional injury, according to the findings of several research. Furthermore, CBD has the ability to widen the arteries, lowering blood pressure and heart rate, all of which are commonly related with anxiety and sadness.


  • CBD and Nausea and Appetite Boost

CBD may be the medicine you’re looking for if you’re having difficulties encouraging your pet to eat. Apart from its many anti-cancer properties, the National Cancer Institute agrees that CBD can enhance appetite in patients. Animal studies have also shown that CBD can lessen nausea and vomiting in subjects who are experiencing side effects from other medicines or toxins.



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