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September 10, 2020

What Tobacco Is Used In Cigarettes? – San Antonio, TX – Evans Road Tobacco Shop

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A cigarette is a thin, psychoactive tobacco-containing, narrow-cylinder rolling on tobacco in fine paper. The tobacco leaf contains a lot of alkaloid chemicals; the most abundant is the nicotine. Nicotine content varies by the leaf location on the tobacco stalk and also by the type of blend or leaf used in a given cigarette or cigar among other factors. Plants such as tobacco with a high alkaloid content also have a natural pharmacological immunity against microorganisms, insects, and vertebrates.


Types of Tobacco Used in Cigarettes


  • Burley – White Burley tobacco production was attributed in 1864 to a Mr. Webb who developed it from seed from Bracken County, Kentucky close to Higginsport, Ohio. He discovered it produced a different kind of shaded light leaf, from white to yellow, and healed differently. He harvested 20,000 pounds of Burley tobacco by 1866, and sold it for $58 per hundred pounds at the St. Louis Fair in 1867. By 1883 Cincinnati was the main market for this tobacco, but it was grown in central Kentucky and Middle Tennessee.

    Burley tobacco is a soft air-treated tobacco mainly used for the manufacture of cigarettes. This is manufactured in the United States in an eight-state belt concentrated in Kentucky with around 70 per cent. Tennessee generates about 20 percent, with smaller quantities in Tennessee, North Carolina, Missouri, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia. Burley tobacco is processed in several other countries, with large production in Brazil, Malawi, and Argentina. Throughout the United States, burley tobacco plants are started in March or April from pelleted seeds put in polystyrene trays floating on a bed of fertilized water.

  • Virginia – It is also known as “Bright Leaf Tobacco”. Brightleaf tobacco leaf is ready for harvest as soon as it turns yellow-green when the sugar content is at its highest, and with a mild taste it can recover to a deep golden colour. The leaves are slowly collected from the base as they mature. These are planted in sandy, highland soil that produces thinner and weaker plants. Farmers found that Bright leaf tobacco needs thin, poor soil, and those unable to grow other crops found they could grow tobacco.
  • Oriental –  It is a sun-cured, extremely aromatic, small-leafed (Nicotiana tabacum) variety that is cultivated in Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Lebanon and North Macedonia. Oriental tobacco is also referred to as “Turkish tobacco,” because both of these areas have been traditionally part of the Ottoman Empire. Many of the early cigarette brands were made mostly or entirely of Oriental tobacco (like Murad, Fatima …); today, its main use is in pipe blends and particularly cigarette tobacco (a traditional American cigarette is a mixture of bright Virginia, burley and Oriental).


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