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February 07, 2018

Branding and Design Can Attract, Inform and Influence Customers | Signage News

Posted in: Client Examples

A Proven Visual Marketing Strategy

For any sales-related business, marketing through visual mediums is a vital part of getting your products out to the world. Over 60 percent of the population are visual learners – the right design and visual identity can do wonders for the way your business and products are perceived, while misplaced efforts here can do more damage than you might think.

At Visibility Signs & Graphics, we’re here to help. Our design services follow a proven strategy to attract, inform, and influence your target market. Let’s look at some basics on each of these areas.


To start off, the entire goal of visual marketing is to attract eyes and various forms of attention to your business and the products and services you offer. This is something that’s done both at your business location (if you have one) and, perhaps more importantly, in other locations.

Near your business, you’re looking for ways to attract customers in your direction. Consider banners, flags, sidewalk signs and concrete graphics that incentivize or inform customers, so they head toward your entrance. From there, make sure you have great window and door graphics to push them over that final step into your store.

Away from your location, you’re looking for ways to stand out – things that will incentivize customers to look you up and come to your location later. Billboards, vehicle wraps and many other types of appropriately designed signage and graphic elements can work wonders here.


Once you’ve attracted people in, you need to provide information on your products and services. People want to know about their benefits, pricing and any special features. Use creative displays, banner stands, digital signs and more to help inform customers. Have employees wear branded clothing so customers always know who is available to help them.


Up to this point, all your graphic design has led to prospective customer along a path of influence. For the final touch, include point of purchase signs and wall graphics in strategic locations to push things over the top.

The design, flow and feel of your space can also subconsciously influence a customer and show them whether they can trust you and your business to deliver on promises made. This type of information is important, and much of it rests on the design of the space and the elements you choose to place in it.

To learn more about our basic visual marketing strategies and how they could benefit you, or for any of our other design services, speak to the pros at Visibility Signs & Graphics.

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