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February 07, 2018

Salt Lake City, UT – Decals Have Many Uses, and Can be Used Anywhere! | Signage

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Wide-Ranging Applications of Decals and Stickers…

When most people think about decals, they’re thinking about stickers that attach to cars, often
bumper stickers. Within the sphere of wide format print, however, they’re far more than this –
decals and labels of all shapes and sizes can be used to help inform, sell products and protect
given areas.

At Visibility Signs & Graphics, we’re here to help with any type of decal or sticker you may need. These are visual communication tools that can be used in areas ranging from production to promotion. Let’s look at a few vital areas where decals and labels can be used to have a great effect.

Packages and Products
Many companies utilize labels in numerous areas, including on equipment, boxes, and even
walls or floors of packaging facilities. These can be assigned based on color by various types of
equipment in some cases. Adding them to supplies and parts provides organization within your
shop, but using logos and branded designs can simultaneously help with launching and selling

Walls, Floors & Windows
Both for client and employee areas, floor decals can be a very valuable tool. They can help
direct traffic and maximize workflow within employee areas, a creative way of helping with
office layout. In addition, large wall decals in prominent places can help keep employees
informed on various topics they may need reminders for, or add to the design and culture of the space.
Consider the use of inspirational quotes and décor elements to signal a positive work environment, drawing attention to your logos and other brand designs in the process.

In industries that are required to clearly identify hazardous chemicals, labels and decals are a
vital communication tool. Labels can be made based on state-by- state EPA requirements. In
addition, consider applying stickers to machinery or helmets to remind workers about safety.
For more on some of the unique benefits of decals and labels, or to find out about logo design
or any of our business signage offerings, speak to the pros at Visibility Signs & Graphics today.

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