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February 07, 2018

Logo Design, an Important Part of Your Brand Strategy

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Logos: Tips and Important Factors…

Within the world of graphic design, there are few elements that are more important to success
than your business’ logo. Think about how many businesses you can identify simply by looking
at their logo, even if it doesn’t directly state their name – it’s a vital factor.

At Visibility Signs & Graphics, we’re here to help with all areas of logo design. Let’s look at what
makes logos important, plus some important areas to consider while designing and
incorporating yours into your marketing.

Logo Importance
A logo is often the face of a company, and generally the first thing a customer will notice about
your business. It’s more than an image – it’s a focal point of recognition for clients, and a huge
part of the foundation of your brand.

A common catchphrase in business is that customers develop an opinion about a company in
mere seconds – a great logo is a perfect way to make a good first impression here. Even
subconsciously, it will show customers that you’re professional, trustworthy and provide quality

Logo Factors
A few areas to consider when designing and incorporating your logo:
Distinctive: A logo should be recognizable, to the point where customers will naturally
pick it out of a crowd of images once they’ve seen it a few times. It should be effective
at any size, whether it’s on a large billboard or on a business card. It should also be impactful
in either color or black-and-white.

Details: Pay attention to every element of the logo, including color, shape and font.
Every element helps convey a message about your brand.

Visuals and Imagery: These should all be appropriate for your company, and should
convey the message you’re looking to get across. All elements should remain consistent
with your goals and deliver the proper message about your company.

Incorporating Logos

Once you’ve designed a great logo, work on how to incorporate it properly. Don’t over-expose
it, of course, but consider ways to make it more visible to your customers and make it
synonymous with your brand.

To learn more about our logo design services or any of our other offerings, speak to the pros at
Visibility Signs & Graphics today.

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