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February 07, 2018

Stand Out with Vehicle Wraps in Salt Lake City, Utah

Posted in: Industry News

How Vehicle Wraps Help You Stand Out…

As a business owner or manager, particularly one interested in high-level marketing, you’re
always looking for ways to be more visible. Many of the traditional outlets like billboards and
signage are great here, but the best marketing agents take things even further.

At Visibility Signs & Graphics, we’re here to help. Our vehicle wraps and graphics are a perfect
outside-the- box way of getting your products and logos seen by more eyes, in a way that the
competition might not be able to match. Let’s go over a few ways a vehicle wrap helps you
stand out from the competition.

Eliminating Restrictions
Most traditional forms of marketing come with inherent restrictions on reaching the target
audience. Think about factors like billboard rates, placement decisions, outside expenses and
additional restrictions.
A vehicle wrap avoids many of these restrictions completely, and sidesteps others. Your vehicle
is basically a moving billboard, available to anyone who passes it. Many of the people who see
this will be commuters: Often those who are employed with a decent income, and who might
have children as well. This is generally one of the top markets to reach, and you can achieve a
huge volume.

General Awareness
The raw number of people who will be exposed to your brand might surprise you, but it’s huge.
Roughly 98 percent of Americans spend at least some time in a vehicle during the week, and
about 95 percent of drivers will notice some form of vehicle branding if it’s in their line of sight
on the road.

You don’t just want people to notice your brand and colors – you want them to make positive
associations with them. Three out of every four people exposed to a business via vehicle
graphics or advertising have reported a positive opinion of that business, and studies have
shown a connection between vehicle marketing and an image of success. That is, potential
customers see your wraps, assume you have lots of funds for branding and are creative, and
move forward with that assumption about your brand.

In the end, this might be the most important benefit of all. If you drive around for a few hours,
your vehicle can often generate up to 70,000 visual impressions in just one day. If you have
multiple vehicles driving around, this number only goes up. Nearly 30 percent of people say
they’ve had buying decisions directly influenced by this form of advertising; you do the math.
For more on vehicle wraps, or to find out about any of our signage services, speak to the
experts at Visibility Signs & Graphics today.

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