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January 03, 2018

Welcome to the team: Vanguard VR5D Printer

Posted in: Industry News

The Visibility team is pleased to announce the addition of its newest member, VR5D. Weighing in at over 3500 lbs and 16 feet in length is our latest printer with high tech features including a UV LED curing system. The VR5D is produced by Vanguard Digital Printing Systems, a company known for providing top of the line flatbed printers. Here at Visibility Signs & Graphics we have been getting to know it better to cater to your company’s wants and needs. So please feel welcome to come and have a tour for yourself!

Staff training on the Vanguard VR5D printer


  • Prints up to 4” thick
  • Max print size 49” by 99”
  • Max weight 300 lbs
  • White ink capability
  • Printed materials include but are not limited to pvc, acrylic, metal, wood and glass.

VR5D Reverse Print Acrylic Artwork

These highlights are only the tip of the iceberg for this printer. To learn more please visit the Vanguard Website or the following Youtube Video. Stay tuned, in the upcoming blog we will learn more about what this device can do for you!

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