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September 21, 2017

Are Vehicle Wraps Right for Your Business?

Posted in: Industry News

A vehicle wrap might be the ticket to setting yourself apart from competition. While you may have seen a few flashy vehicles zip up and down the freeway near Salt Lake City, here’s a good list of things you should know about getting a wrap.

Why a Vehicle Wrap?

1) Is Bigger Better? Vehicle wraps are good advertising for both small and large companies. It doesn’t matter if you have a fleet of five cars in Salt Lake City or a fleet of 100 diesel trucks in Los Angeles. If you are a smaller business this is one place you can evenly compete.

2) Financial? Automobiles come in all shapes and sizes so prices would be different dependent on this alone. There are also different packages available. Please see our store for details.

3) Endurance? Typically the lifespan of most vehicle wraps is anywhere from 5-7 years, however, this obviously is dependent on different circumstances. Some of these factors include temperature, weather conditions, how often you wash your car, dirt, road, debris, and how often you wash your vehicle.

4) Do Vehicle Wraps Damage Your Vehicle? They can if not properly installed. If incorrect adhesive and tools are used then paint can be damaged.

5) How Can I Keep My Wrap Looking New? Making sure your vehicle stays free from stains is the best thing you can do to keep it looking new. A hand wash is the best method for this. Certain waxing kits and services in Salt Lake City are available to prolong life.

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